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Used Conveyor Chutes

used chute conveyor

When utilizing conveyor systems in a warehouse or material handling facility, transferring items from one level of the system to another is a necessary function for assembly, shipping, or packaging. While there are several pieces of equipment that can perform this action, the simplest and most cost-effective method is by adding conveyor chutes. Read More

Used Conveyor Chutes
Used Conveyor Chutes
  • Simple and Cost Efficient
  • Convey Items at a Decline
  • Custom Sizes Available
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Conveyor chutes provide an exit for material, inventory, packages, etc. from overhead conveyor systems down an incline to lower levels of conveyor for sortation, assembly, and shipping applications. While conveyor chute is available in several styles, such as for agricultural or construction applications, American Surplus typically stocks gravity chute conveyor for warehouse or package sortation and accumulation applications. By utilizing the method of gravity as a means of transport, conveyor chutes are very inexpensive.

Used conveyor chutes from ASI are ideal for moving bulky or packaged items quickly and efficiently while only requiring the power of gravity to move material. Without the need for a powered decline, conveyor chutes are far more cost effective, however they provide less control of material speed, and should not be used for fragile items. Chute conveyor systems are composed of a solid surface of metal or plastic that is slanted down. These systems come in either straight or spiral designs. Material is controlled by side walls, which keeps items from falling off either side, and most chutes also feature an angled receiving area to slow conveyed product after it descends the chute, which prevents damage. Chute conveyors are easily maintained due to their simple construction.

Chute conveyor systems are regularly used in the transportation of cereals, mineral ore, coal, chemical, distribution, postal service, scrap handling, and pharmaceutical industries. Ideally, they are for a variety of lightweight products and package types. Such types of packaging include corrugated boxes, cardboard, pouches, and other flexible packaging.

Conveyor chutes operate most successfully and with the least damage when items being conveyed are packaged with high-quality cardboard, which provides better control as it moves over chute beds. While we stock several specific sized chutes, American Surplus can make custom conveyor chutes in any size you may require at our in-house fabrication shop. ASI can also help you design and install conveyor systems for any facility and for just about any application.