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Used Ball Transfer Conveyor

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Ball transfer conveyors, also known as ball transfer tables, are omni-directional load-bearing conveyors. This style of conveyor makes it easy to transfer a variety of items in a smooth and safe way. These types of conveyors are great for transporting heavier items with sharp frames as well as delicate sensitive objects. Ball transfer conveyors make the manual transfer of products between separate conveyor systems or workbenches more efficient increasing productivity. This type of conveyor is perfect for transporting material in all different directions. These are ideal for transporting boxes, cartons, totes, and other products. They are great for picking stations, shipping areas, and maneuvering throughout a warehouse. If you have two conveyor lines converging and products transferring onto different conveyor lines, then used ball transfer conveyors are what you need. These long-lasting and durable conveyors require little to low maintenance.

Used Ball Transfer Conveyor
Used Ball Transfer Conveyor
  • 3" to 6" centers
  • 1" steel balls
  • Made to Order

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Applications of ball transfer conveyors include conveying loads of totes, boxes, cartons, flat stock, side loading/unloading, and accumulation of loads.

Ball transfer tables are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing, order fulfillment, aerospace, government, automotive, parcel handling, appliance, and food and beverage industries.

Ball transfer conveyors are available in a variety of ball spacing, which is dependent on pallet size and weight. ASI only stocks used ball transfer tables but can offer the option of new balls.

Ball transfer conveyor are omni-directional spherical balls mounted into a fixture that keeps each ball in place and equally spaced away from the other balls. Their main use is for transferring products from a conveyor line to a workstation, inspection station, packaging station, or other device that requires the product to be manually handled. They are also used when two conveyor lines converge or diverge and require manual transfer of products, or in airports to transport luggage.

Only products with a flat smooth bottom can be transported on a ball transfer conveyor table, making it ideal for boxes, totes, bins, and more. They are available in a variety of styles including bolt-together, straight, and welded, as well as curves and pneumatic. Ball transfer tables can also be placed on adjustable H-stands to adjust the height.

Why buy a used ball transfer table? Ball transfer tables are very expensive, starting at a few hundred dollars for one of the smaller sizes available. ASI sells used ball transfer conveyor, and at only a fraction of the cost. These tables are in good working condition, and have been cleaned, inspected, and tested to ensure it is functioning properly. We also carry new balls for the tables and replace any worn ones before shipment. Buying used can be risky, but not with ASI. We provide a 30 day ASI guarantee on all of our used conveyor equipment.