Used Pallet Flow Rack

Used pallet flow rack is a gravity driven storage rack system to store pallets of inventory. Skatewheels on inclined shelves move the pallet forward for order picking. Pallets are stored back to back to save floor space. Brakes control the pallet flow speed. Similar to carton flow rack, pallet flow rack is loaded in the back and picked from the front. As a pallet is removed, the pallet behind moves forward. It is used with the FIFO (first in, first out) method of inventory and companies whose inventory moves quickly.

Used Pallet Flow Rack
Used Pallet Flow Rack
  • FIFO (First In, First Out)
  • 2 to 10 Deep Pallet Flow
  • Improve your inventory process

Available Combo Deals

Used pallet flow rack is designed to meet the customer's inventory needs. The dimensions of the system are determined by the product size and weight. Design and installation of pallet flow rack from manufacturers such as Kenenco, Unex, Quick-Pik and Hytrol is available nationwide.

Used pallet flow rack is similar to push back pallet rack because they both utilize gravity and storage depth for added density. Pallets ride on flow rails, and typically product is loaded from the back, which then rolls to the front, where it is unloaded. This is the only major difference in functionality between pallet flow and push back rack, because typically push back pallet rack is loaded in the front.

Pallet flow rails have built in brakes to slow down pallet as they travel to the front of the rack to ensure safety and security of the stored inventory. Flow rails can be much longer than the trays contained in push back rack, allowing for pallet flow rack to store up to 15 pallets deep. We recommend storing items with similar weight on each pallet, because the brakes are set by weight, so if a lighter pallet is in a row of much heavier pallets, the lighter pallet might stop completely at the brake points.

Used pallet flow rack is a first-in, first-out (FIFO) style of inventory. Pallets are loaded in the back, so the first one placed in in the rack travels all the way to the front, where it will be first to get picked. Because of this, it makes sense to put like items in the same row so you don’t have to take down multiple pallets to get to the one you need. This also helps the brakes properly function because all items in a row will weigh the same.

Why buy used pallet flow rack? Pallet rack is expensive, and significant savings can be achieved by purchasing used pallet flow rack instead of new. All of the used pallet racking from ASI is in good working condition, and has been inspected for damage that would compromise the structure’s durability and workers' safety. We can also help you design a pallet racking system that is best for your warehouse or material handling facility, and we can also install it! Give us a call today for a quote on used pallet flow rack.