Used Divider Boxes

Used divider boxes, or divider bins, help customize your storage space. These storage containers are stackable and include molded divider slots to position dividers anywhere within the box to accommodate all product sizes.

Stackable and lightweight, these used divider boxes are sold at ASI in a variety of sizes and capacities. Made of heavy-duty polyethylene, used divider boxes are extremely durable with internal ribbing for added strength.

Used Divider Boxes
Used Divider Boxes
  • Inside: 9.1875" x 15.75" x 2.5"
  • Outside 10.785" x 16.5" x 2.5"
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Available Combo Deals

Used Divider Box totes are made from high density polypropylene that resists most chemicals and solvents. The addition of inserts in the slots built into the internal walls will result in various size compartments for safe component storage.  Divider boxes are stackable by placing the flat bottom of the box on top of the dividers in the lower box. Optional lids can be purchased to prevent dust and or dirt contamination.

Used Divider boxes are designed with multiple slots so that various size compartments can be achieved. Features include: Most made from high density polypropylene, built in slots allowing inserts to be added creating storage compartments, stackable, multiple and varying size compartments can be configured. Used divider box totes are an especially good value because they have a long life-cycle and cost over 50% less than new boxes.