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Accumulation Conveyor
Accumulation ConveyorBestFlex Powered Accumulation ConveyorBestFlex Powered Accumulation ConveyorBestFlex Powered Accumulation ConveyorBestFlex Powered Accumulation ConveyorBestFlex Powered Accumulation ConveyorBestFlex Powered Accumulation Conveyor

Used Powered Bestflex Accumulation Conveyor

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  • Steel casters ensure mobility
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation system protects your product on the line
  • Allows single conveyor to service multiple doors
  • Sturdy and secure surface for conveying items safely
  • Improve productivity in shipping, transportation and packaging applications
  • Increase overall efficiencies
  • BESTFLEX conveyors can maneuver around corners, meet multiple docks, or navigate close quarters where other infrastructure or equipment is present
  • Improve ergonomics, reduce employee injury, and increase overall package handling efficiency
Conveyor Bed Lengths74" Long Closed/123" Long Extended
Conveyor Bed Widths30" Wide Conveyor Beds
Roller Sizes1.9" Conveyor Rollers
Number of Legs3

Bestflex 200 Series: Accumulation Conveyor for Dynamic Facilities

Bestflex is the preferred choice of many when it comes to powered flexible conveyor due to its durability and ease of use. This type of power conveyor expands and contracts, making it an excellent choice when loading or unloading trucks. Adjustable legs and locking casters allow for easy mobility around your facility, while remaining secure when in use. When the job is done, it can be neatly stowed away without much hassle! Zero Pressure accumulation accordion conveyors by BestFlex are great for places in your warehouse where a permanent conveyor solution will get in the way, such as in your shipping and receiving department.

Optional Read-Between-the-Rollers photo eyes allow zero-pressure accumulation and can act as an electronic package stop. Electronic controls enable cartons to move directly to the discharge end without stopping until they reach the last zone of accumulation. When a carton is removed the conveyor will start again to bring the next carton into position.

BestFlex Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor Documentation

BestFlex B/FP Power Accumulation Conveyor Manual

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