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Sell Used Warehouse Equipment

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sell used warehouse equipment

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Quickly Can We Get Started?

A. It might be quicker than you think! The first step is to give us a call or have us call you. Once we have a good understanding of your unique situation, we typically provide a quote within 5 days and will schedule a time with you to have one of our team members come visit your site.

Q. How Long Will It Take To Remove Our Used Warehouse Equipment?

A. It depends on many factors such as...

  • Will the warehouse be shut down or operational?
  • How much material is being removed?
  • Is equipment bolted down to the ground or free-standing?

Best practice is to give yourself multiple months of time in planning so that way you provide a buffer for your project to finish according to a timeline. Getting a full count of the materials and good pictures is a great way to start the process of evaluating the liquidation of your facility.

Q. Will ASI Buy and Remove Everything In My Warehouse?

A. ASI purchases all kinds of used warehouse equipment, from pallet rack, to mezzanines, and more! Check out our more exhaustive list here!

We don't always purchase all the material in a warehouse though. Uncommon sizes, bad condition, and very small quantities may dissuade us from purchasing your material. However, we always encourage everyone to reach out with their available material so we can better understand your warehouse and intentions and provide you with a recommendation that would best fit your needs.

Q. Will ASI Clean Up After They've Finished Removing My Equipment?

A. Yes! Removing used warehouse equipment is dirty work, so we ensure that all debris is disposed of appropriately, with the floors left in swept condition.

Q. My Equipment Is Bolted In Place. Will You Leave Holes in the Floors?

A. No, when removing equipment anchored to the ground, we will grind the remaining floor anchors down to be flush with the cement, or fill the holes with cement epoxy if necessary.

Q. Can You Work Around An Open Business?

A. We Can! Tearing down a wearhouse that's in operation can sometimes slow down a project, as additional steps must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved while minimizing impact to your business processes. After more than 30 years, we know how important it is to minimize downtime during a warehouse liquidation, so we can work with you to help limit the impact as best we can.

Sell Used Warehouse Equipment

If you have used material handling equipment for sale, please fill out the form on the right, providing a description of the product you're interested in selling.

Is your business consolidating, downsizing, or relocating facilities? Sell used warehouse equipment for cash to American Surplus today! With over 30-years in the industry, we always offer competitive and fair market price for your used warehouse equipment. ASI wants to buy your good quality used pallet rack, conveyor systems, mezzanines, industrial shelving, and other warehouse equipment. Our qualified staff will assist with in the dismantling, packaging, shipping, and anything else you may need help with. No quantity of used warehouse equipment is too large or too small. American Surplus Inc. travels nationwide and pays cash for your used warehouse equipment at a fair and competitive market price. Our team is experienced and reliable with over 45,000 satisfied clients.

As mentioned before no size of warehouse equipment is too big or too small. Some items American Surplus Inc. frequently purchases are:

Pallet rack including teardrop pallet rack, structural pallet rack, selective pallet rack, drive-in pallet rack, pushback pallet rack, pallet flow rack, and many other styles of pallet rack.

Conveyor including but not limited to used gravity conveyor, power conveyor, flexible conveyor, conveyor accessories, and conveyor systems.

Mezzanines like steel mezzanines, pallet rack mezzanines, shelf supported mezzanines, mezzanine flooring, mezzanine catwalks, mezzanine gates, mezzanine stairways, and even vertical lifts.

American Surplus also purchases industrial shelving such as metal industrial shelving, wood deck shelving, and wire warehouse shelving.

The ASI Hassle-Free Purchasing Program

1 - Evaluation:

ASI discusses the specifics of your project with your team and prepares a custom asset liquidation solution tailored to your needs. If necessary, on-site visits and walkthroughs can be arranged.

2 - Planning & Agreement:

Once a solution is identified, ASI will purchase your warehouse equipment at a fair market value. At your convenience, ASI's installation teams will be ready to begin dismantling in a timely manner.

3 - Disassembly & Removal:

All warehouse material handling equipment that isn't pre-sold to 3rd parties will be disassembled and shipped to our Rhode Island facility for refurbishment & storage. Our installers leave the building on schedule and in pre-dismantled condition, and you leave with the maximum value for your warehouse equipment in pocket!

Call, email, or fill out our online form to discuss the purchasing options that best suit your needs. We will offer fair market value for your equipment.

American Surplus is committed to buying quality equipment for our customers. ASI has a proven track record spanning over 30 years providing our customers with exceptional value and service. We travel nationwide and will pay cash for good quality equipment!

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