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One of the fundamental factors that differentiates a highly productive and efficient warehouse from an inefficient one is the strategic layout of the facility. The ideal warehouse layout ensures optimum utilization of space and easy accessibility to improve workflow and increase overall productivity. It is therefore important to have a proper, professional warehouse layout design. This warehouse layout design will serve as the blueprint for guiding the construction of one's warehouse every step of the way.

Benefits of Choosing American Surplus Inc.'s Conceptual CAD Design Services

American Surplus Inc. has been in the warehouse storage and material handling equipment industry for over 30 years. By choosing American Surplus you can be confident knowing that we will be your one-stop-shop making entire process hassle-free. ASI is a full-service company. Not only do we offer free warehouse layout designs, but with a 530,000 square foot warehouse, American Surplus Inc. can confidently take on projects of any size.

American Surplus Inc. will manage every aspects of the design process so you can have peace of mind knowing that trained specialists are working on designing the perfect layout for your facility. American Surplus Inc. uses the most recent Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to help create layouts for your material handling projects. CAD drawings are available in either 2-D or 3-D to help our customers visualize their projects before they begin. There is no better way to conceptualize the minute details of a warehouse design than having the ability to see and assess it before construction begins. Our sales team, along with our in-house CAD engineer, will review your project to best optimize your warehouse space. No matter the size of your warehouse know that American Surplus Inc. will make sure that when everything is complete your warehouse will have:

  • Easy flow across the warehouse or storage facility
  • Easy accessibility to contents being stored and shipped
  • Enhanced space utilization

ASI can ensure you get the maximum storage capacity and efficiency for your footprint. A visit to your facility will allow us to review the product size and capacity handled, your forklift fleet, the footprint of your space, and assess your overall goal.

Importance of Using Professional CAD Services for Warehouse Layout Design

Planning a warehouse layout is a complex task that should be left to trained professionals. Fortunately, American Surplus has a highly talented and experienced team of warehouse layout designers ready to assist in creating the ideal warehouse for their customers. As our client ASI will provide a detailed design by using our computer-aided design (CAD) program. Our designers create layouts in 2D and 3D so that our customers can best visualize their warehouse concept. Offer high density storage racking that will reduce your square footage greatly increasing your savings. This high-density racking will help you store tens of thousands or millions of dollars of inventory safely and securely. Know that by working with American Surplus we’ll also be able to save you money when choosing to outfit your warehouse as our products are 40% - 60% off of buying new retail equipment.

2D Conceptual Drawings

American Surplus Draws 2D Conceptual Drawings of Shelving
American Surplus Draws 2D Conceptual Drawings of Pallet Racking
American Surplus Draws 2D Conceptual Drawings of Pick Modules

3D Conceptual Renderings

American Surplus Draws 3D Conceptual Renderings of Pick Modules
American Surplus Draws 3D Conceptual Renderings of Pick Modules
American Surplus Draws 3D Conceptual Renderings of Vertical Lifts

Conceptual & Structural Engineering Drawings for Mezzanines


Free Conceptual CAD Drawings

--Included With Your Quote--

A conceptual CAD drawing can provide you with a general overview of what your mezzanine will look like along with approximate dimensions. See your mezzanine in both 2D and rendered 3D views or even with animated personnel renders if needed!

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Structural Engineered Stamped Drawings

--Also Available If Needed--

An engineer-stamped drawing can provide detailed information not provided in a standard conceptual drawing such as exact weight capacities, stress tolerances, and more. These detailed drawings are helpful when installing heavy equipment, and a must for pulling permits.

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