Used Vidmar Cabinet Mezzanines
Used Vidmar Cabinet MezzaninesUsed Vidmar Cabinet MezzaninesUsed Vidmar Cabinet Mezzanines

Used Vidmar Cabinet Mezzanines

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  • Optimize and Save Space
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Secure Tools and Parts
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Keep Workspace Organized

Vidmar mezzanines, is a cabinet-supported mezzanine that will help to maximize storage and organization with modular drawer systems. It is great for conserving vertical warehouse space with extra floor space with industrial modular cabinets configured on a two-level mezzanine. Vidmar cabinet-supported mezzanines allow you to increase overall storage for your warehouse by making use of existing vertical space. This style of cabinet-supported mezzanine will allow you to store up to five times more than standard industrial shelving. Employees will be able to access a variety of parts safely and easily for quick identification to increase productivity in your warehouse environment.

For those facilities that are tight on space investing in a Vidmar mezzanine might be the perfect solution for you. Vidmar-supported mezzanine will provide you with the extra capacity required to achieve your production and efficiency goals. There are many advantages of industrial modular drawer storage for increased space savings and organization. Vidmar mezzanines are a cost-effective compact system that will dramatically reduce the time needed to store and recover parts. This will help with increasing productivity in your warehouse, automotive repair shop, manufacturing, storage, or shipping facility.

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