New Fantom Robot Stretch Wrapper
New Fantom Robot Stretch WrapperNew Fantom Robot Stretch Wrapper

New Fantom Robot Mobile Stretch Wrappers

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  • Portability allows you to bring the unit to your load.
  • Great battery life allows for up to 200-300 loads per day.
  • Being mobile allows for unlimited pallet weight and size
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Special FeaturesPortable
Stretch Wrapper CapacityUnlimited
Stretch Wrapper Wrap HeightUp to 96" Heigh
BrandHighlight Industries
Machine Dimensions74"L x 49"W x 116"H
Load Handling System3/4 HP AC Carriage Lift Motor
Floor Clearance Requirements50" on all side

The Fantom Robot Stretch Wrapper:
Reliable, Portable, Lasts all Day

The Fantom Robot is designed to be a portable stretch wrapper that lets you wrap the loads in place without having to bring them to your machine. This is especially helpful in situations when the load is unstable. Being that the unit is portable, there is not a capacity on pallet weight or size because the machine moves around the pallet. There is a 50" ground clearance requirement but with the protection of the bumper, which stops the machine if it contacts anything, there will be increased safety. The battery is capable of lasting all day as it can handle 200-300 loads per day depending on your configuration. The stretch controller is on the lift carriage making it easy for the operator to adjust. Productivity is improved by almost 30% with the Fantom's auto film cut feature. The unit also has a side mounted touch screen display for easy use of controls.

New Fantom Robot Stretch Wrappers are now available at American Surplus! Our inventory is always changing, so don't hesitate to call our office at (800) 876-3736 to speak to our sales team and get the latest updates on our inventory!

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