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What to Consider When Buying Used Bins and Totes

August 12, 2013

Used bins and totes might seem like a straightforward purchase, but there are actually many options that go along with it. One of the first questions to ask is do you need totes that stack on top of each other, or do you need them to sit inside each other or “nest”? There are also bins and totes that do both if you require that. Bins and totes are typically made of high-density polyethylene material, which will not rust, corrode, or bend.

Stackable bins and totes are great for storing inventory because they can be placed on top of each other without a lid and without putting pressure on the contents of the container below. If they are only stackable, then they will not nest into each other when they are empty, so they do take up a lot of additional storage space when they are not being used. Stackable containers also typically do not have lids and provide more cubic capacity.

Nestable bins and totes can sit inside of each other when they are not in use, which greatly saves space when transporting and storing empty containers. They cannot be stacked unless they also include lids that allow for stacking, which depends on the manufacturer.

If you require the ability to both store empty containers in a small space, but also stack them when they are full of product, then stackable and nestable bins and totes may be the right choice. Some styles of nestable and stackable totes allow for stacking with or without a lid. Lids are usually finger lid style, which are attached to the tote itself.

Another popular container specifically for handling bulk fluids is an Intermediate Bulk Container. This style of container is usually a cube with metal frame around it to protect the contents. Typically, IBC containers transport chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and liquids with their capacity ranging from 500 to 3000 liters. They also have bases that are compatible with lift equipment, so they can easily be moved by forklifts.

For electronic parts storage, Electrostatic Dissipative Material totes (ESD totes) are commonly used. Made of polypropylene, ESD totes protect sensitive electronic parts from radio waves and electricity. Covers snap on to keep dust and debris from getting in, keeping your electrical storage safe.

There are clearly many factors to consider when deciding what type of tote or bin is ideal for your storage application. Let ASI help you determine the size, shape, and style that is right for you by asking relevant questions about the project you are trying to complete, or what storage you are trying to organize. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff and our massive 530,000 square foot facility of inventory should be able to provide you more than enough options when purchasing used totes or bins from us.