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Save BIG On This Seismic-Ready Racking Through The End Of March!

January 19, 2024

West Coast Customers Do NOT Want To Miss This Deal!

ASI is liquidating a MASSIVE 3PL Distribution Center located near Reno, Nevada! This liquidation includes thousands of Seismic-Ready Teardrop Frames along with nearly 30,000 beams! With freight rates higher than ever, this is an excellent opportunity for our customers in Nevada, Oregon, and California to save thousands in potential shipping costs when building out their newest racking system.

This material needs to be out by the end of March, so NOW is the time to start your quote and see how much you can save partnering with American Surplus!

Inbound Products FOB: Reno, NV
DEADLINE: March 31st, 2024 Material Torn Down: Ships Same Week!
Product Quantity Dimensions / Notes
Used Teardrop Frames 2,972 48" x 26' w/ Seismic Footplates
Used Teardrop Beams 23,140 92" x 3.5-4"
Used Teardrop Beams 756 144" x 6"
Used Pallet Supports 47,792 48"
Used Push Back Rack 1,280 Positions 2 Deep 5 High, Dbl. Wide Bays
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