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We Buy Used Mezzanine

American Surplus wants to buy your good quality used mezzanine. Our qualified staff will assist with tear-down, packaging, shipping; anything you need help with from start to finish. ASI travels nationwide for quality used equipment. Our team is experienced and reliable with over 45,000 satisfied clients.

Q: What size used mezzanine does ASI buy?
A: We buy any used mezzanine that has at least one full trailer load worth of components.

Q: How much does ASI pay for used mezzanine?
A: The amount we pay for used mezzanine depends on the size and condition thereof. For lesser quality products, we cover the cost of labor to remove the mezzanine. But we typically pay vendors a premium for good quality mezzanine.

ASI provides all labor, equipment lift trucks, and freight. We are fully insured and experienced in mezzanine demolition and removal.

ASI is committed to buying quality equipment for our customers. ASI has a proven track record providing our customers with exceptional value and service. We travel nationwide and will pay cash for good, quality equipment.

If you have a used mezzanine for sale, please fill out the form on the right, providing a description of the product.

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