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Warwick, RI Facility Liquidation

Authored by Derek Rotondi
September 19, 2018

Right here in our own backyard of Warwick, RI is a great opportunity for us to stock up on tons of used product! These items will be in our facility shortly as we are starting this haul just around the corner in October. Come take a peek at our first offering of what is coming in just around the corner!

We have some new items coming in and some rare hard to find pieces as well! We are pulling out pallet racking with over 2000 beams and wire decks, additionally we are pulling out 15 bays and more accessories for pallet racking. Saving the best for last we also acquired 2 Raymond EASI Reach Trucks! Stay tuned to our website and flyers to stay up to date on when these items will be arriving!

See a product listed that you want to get your hands on? Want to see more pictures? Have questions? Don't hesitate! Call our sales team at (800) 876-3736 today or request a quote online to see the difference we can make for you!

Product Spreadsheet:

Product Quantity Dimensions / Notes
Republic Storage Racking 9 Rows
|Republic Frames 153 42"D, 22'H
|5 Runs of Welded Angle 640' 4"x4"x3/8"
|Republic Beams 2592 96"L, 3.75"-4"W
|Used Wire Decking 2592 42"D x 46"W
|Wire on Pallets 250 42"D x 46"W w/ 3" Overhang
Used Raymond EASI Reach Trucks 0 290" Lift, 36V, 3000LB Capacity
Used Raymond EASI Order Pickers 2 273" Lift, 36V, 3000LB Capacity