Scotch Rack Wood Deck Shelving
Scotch Rack Wood Deck ShelvingScotch Rack Wood Deck Shelving

Used Scotch Rack Wood Deck Shelving

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  • Easy Installation
  • Replaceable Wood Decks
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes
  • Keep Material Organized
Shelf Width36" or 48" Wide
Frame Dimensions12" & 18" Deep

Scotch Rack Wood Deck Shelving is a breeze to setup -- After assembling the frames, each deck rests on top of posts running across each bay. The easy setup matched with lightweight components make it the perfect choice for any storeroom.

This bulk rack is ideal for light to medium storage applications, such as backroom storage in a shop or storefront.

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Material Dimensions ASI Price
Frame 12" x 108" $25
Level (Beams Wood) 12" x 36 $10
12" x 48" $15
Frame 18" x 108" $35
Level (Beams Wood) 18" x 36 $15
18" x 48" $20

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