Used Pallet Rack Liquidation in Missouri

Authored by Justin Marshall
October 11, 2017
American Surplus is helping a business restructure its operation by tearing down and liquidating a large section of used pallet racks in its warehouse to make room for a redesigned storage layout. The project features the removal of used interlake pallet rack consisting of the following material: used pallet rack frames, used pallet rack beams, factory repair kits, used pallet supports, used wire decks and used row spacers. The scope of the project includes: 1,700 uprights or frames, 13,500 beams or cross members, 1,700 row spacers, 27,000 pallet supports and 400 wire decks.

The Teardown

Scheduled to start October 16, the teardown will take several weeks with a goal of November 10th for a completion date. This type of work requires attention to detail, time, and safety. When disassembling used pallet rack, you must know what you are doing especially with tall uprights in a large warehouse. As you can imagine, in a warehouse full of pallet rack, there isn’t a ton of room to work. Our installation crew always has a plan to take down the rack in an organized, safe manner, while packaging the project for shipment efficiently at the same time. Both elements are crucial to a successful teardown.

Finding A New Home

Once dismantled, our used pallet rack needs to find a new home. Since used pallet rack is so popular at American Surplus, we typically send out our newest liquidations to our existing customer list before we advertise on our website. This gives our customers exclusive access to the incredible low prices we have to offer, first. This is our specialty, and we have a large network of freight companies that help us in getting orders to our customers as quick, and affordable as possible. If you are looking for a bigger project, our sales team will work with our CAD engineer to provide a conceptual drawing for you and our team to help design the most efficient used pallet rack system possible.

Why Buy Used Pallet Rack?

Well that’s easy, money! Used pallet rack is 40-60% off compared to new prices. Another added benefit is the idea that we are recycling old equipment that is in good, usable condition. Working nationwide, our network of liquidations, installation crews, and shipping companies help us provide the best pallet rack solution to your warehouse. We don’t have pallet rack directly for sale on our website because we want to talk to you to understand your needs so we can accurately provide and quote the most efficient, affordable pallet rack solution for your business. We must understand your business and operations to do this.

We do offer New Pallet Rack Too

If you simply just want new pallet rack, or if your project is large, the volume discount for new might make buying new pallet rack just as affordable as used. Our sales team keeps this in mind and will be able to offer you a quote on new pallet rack as well. We do our best to offer the lowest price on new pallet rack, and if you have a better quote, we’ll match it! Our service is what separates us in the industry and our team takes pride in what we do.

If You’re Interested in the Used Pallet Rack in Missouri

Check out our list of inventory available from the Missouri job site HERE on our website or click the picture below.

In addition to this used selective pallet rack, we have the following styles of pallet rack in stock also:

Used Structural Pallet Rack

Used Drive In Rack

Used Pallet Flow Rack

Used Pushback Rack

And we also stock used cantilever rack which is perfect for long, bulky items such as lumber, pipes and other materials.