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Over Dock Door Rack
Over Dock Door RackOver Dock Door RackOver Dock Door RackOver Dock Door RackOver Dock Door RackOver Dock Door Rack

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  • Increase facilities storage capacity
  • Create safe, unobstructed empty pallet storage space
  • Organized storage of packing materials
  • Frees up useable floor space
  • Removes dangerous obstructions
  • Utilize lost space above your loading dock doors
  • Ideal for storing items such as empty pallets, cartons, packing materials and other loads
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Over dock door racks are a type of industrial shelving unit designed to be mounted above dock doors in warehouses and distribution centers. These racks are typically made of heavy-duty steel and are designed to hold pallets or other large items, creating additional storage space in areas that would otherwise be unused. The suspended over dock storage rack does not have lower legs so there is no interference with forklift or other warehousing traffic.

Over dock door racks are an efficient way to maximize storage capacity in industrial facilities, as they make use of previously unused overhead space above dock doors. They are often used to store overflow inventory, seasonal items, empty pallets, or equipment that is not needed on a regular basis. By utilizing this space, warehouse facilities can free up floor space and increase efficiency in their operations. Over dock door racks are a great solution for businesses that have limited floor space and want to make the most of their existing vertical space.

Another benefit of over dock door racks is that they help to protect the dock doors and the surrounding area. By creating a barrier between the doors and the rest of the warehouse, the racks can help to prevent accidental damage to the doors and the surrounding walls.

Over dock door racks are a practical solution for businesses looking to increase their storage capacity and improve safety in their industrial facilities. With their heavy-duty construction and ability to maximize otherwise unused space, they are a versatile and cost-effective addition to any warehouse or distribution center.

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