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  • Hang Anywhere in Facility
  • Accommodates Hanging Bins
  • Various Sizes Available
  • Reconfigured or Replaced as Storage Needs Change
  • Racks Can Hold a Wide Range of Items and Materials
  • Easy Install and Bins Can be Rearranged with Little Effort
  • Keep Facility or Storage Room Organized
NMFC Code082360

When organization is a priority, the best way to keep track of small parts and pieces is by sorting them into containers. We recommend the use of hanging storage bins and louvered panels to keep your work spaces neat to increase productivity. Louvered racks are made of heavy-duty cold rolled steel and feature rows of lips, called louvers, to hold hanging bins in place. Louvered panels are incredibly versatile and require no hardware to install other than a handful of screws.

They can be hung anywhere you can think, on walls, workbenches, or even mounted to a cart for diverse mobile storage. American Surplus has hundreds of louvered racks in several different sizes to fit just about anywhere in your warehouse, or even inside trucks and vans. Used louvered panels from ASI are available in single or double sided.

Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of louvered racks, as well as our selection of used hanging bins to complete your order!

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