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Lantech Stretch Wrapper
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Used Lantech Q-300 (110”) Stretch Wrapper

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  • Lantech Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers
  • Protect your products and your brand
  • Film is tightly applied without twisting or crushing loads
  • Streamline workflow
  • Decrease risk of costly workplace injuries
  • Drive cost savings
  • Increase throughput for peak period efficiency
  • Years of trouble-free and worry-free operation
  • Extended height to increase wrap heights of your loads
  • Keeps moisture, dust, and dirt from damaging loads
  • Properly wrapping loads is critical to reduce the risk of damage during shipment
Model #Q300 -110
Maximum Load Height110"
Power Supply PhaseSingle Phase Power
Maximum Package Weight4,000 lbs.

Used Lantech Stretch Wrappers are economical, efficient, and provide ergonomic operations. Shield your products and your brand from damage by properly wrapping loads. These stretch wrappers provide the proper amount of containment force so that materials are safe-to-ship every time.

It’s important to have an effective wrapping process to maintain a productive shipping operation. By streamlining the wrapping process your business will avoid costly workplace injuries, reduce shipping damage, and protect your products and your brand.

Stretch wrappers can boost your business’s output abilities, which means a warehouse can process considerably more units per hour and per day. Lantech stretch wrappers are much quicker and more accurate than human workers.

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