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Used Drive In Rack For Sale

December 4, 2020

This used structural drive in rack is down and banded. With just over 4,000 positions in 2 deep by 4 or 5 high and another 1,500 positions of 3 deep x 4 high this material is perfect for most warehouse applications when storing similar products is key. Additional with this is 208 structural frames 42" x 23' tall and 928 8' X C4 beams. This material will not last. If you are in the market for some structural drive in rack please give us a call today.

Material List
Product Quantity Dimensions
Drive In Rack 4,050 2 Deep X 4 or 5 High
Drive In Rack 1,554 3 Deep X 4 High
Structural Uprights 208 42" X 23'
Structural Beams 928 8' X C4


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