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Used Conveyor System Materials Liquidation

Authored by Derek Rotondi
May 14, 2019

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Our latest liquidation took us to 5 facilities across the Northeast, adding even more material to our already vast line of Used Conveyor Products! We were able to acquire hundreds of linear feet of used lineshaft conveyor, 10 used powered & gravity Bestflex conveyor systems, 5 Cubiscan 200 cubing & weighing systems, and more!

Are you looking for a conveyor system for your facility? Look no further than American Surplus! Our liquidations help pass savings directly onto you with the same quality equipment you'd expect direct from the manufacturer, but at up to 60% off new prices. Our production team inspects & refurbishes incoming equipment to be prepared for years of dedicated service within your facility, while our sales team and in-house CAD specialist are available to help you design the perfect conveyor system for your unique application. So call our sales team at (800) 876-3736 or Request a Quote Online to see the difference a used conveyor system from American Surplus can make for you and your business!

Material List

Product Quantity Dimensions
Used Cubiscan 200 w/Belting 5
Used Lineshaft Conveyor 835 Linear Feet Assorted
Used Power Bestflex Conveyor 2 40' Sections
1 60' Sections
1 50' Sections
2 30' & 62' Sections
2 18' & 25' Sections
Used Gravity Conveyor 70 Linear Feet Assorted
Used Bestflex Conveyor 1 40' Section
1 6' Section
Used Interlake & Frazier Frames 40 42/48" x 144"
Used Interlake & Frazier Beams 116 96"
Used Wire Decks 80 Assorted


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