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Tips to Extend The Life of Your Forklift Battery

June 3, 2014

Forklift batteries are extremely heavy duty and can be recharged a number of times. Taking proper care of this super duty battery will really help extend its lifespan. By following these basic tips, you will extend the useful life of your forklift battery significantly, saving you money and reducing forklift downtime.

Replacing the water in the battery will help keep the interior from corroding; distilled or deionized water is preferred. The fluid level should typically be about ¼’’ below the vent wall neck after the battery is charged, and fluid should not be added before charging the battery.

Do not discharge more than 80% of your forklift battery. An average life cycle that helps ensure a longer lasting forklift battery is around a 50% discharge. The battery should also be equalized every 5 to ten charge cycles, and this is basically a controlled overcharging that adjusts the voltage difference between the cells. It also helps get rid of the sulfate particles that build up on the plates.

Wash your forklift battery with baking soda and water if it ever overspills, which will stop corrosion from forming on top of or underneath the battery. If this is not done quickly the battery can be completely ruined. It is a good idea to wash the outside of the battery twice a year because acid vapors escape during recharge. These vapors cause residue to build up around the vent cap area, which will eventually corrode and damage the outside of the battery.

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