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American Surplus Inc. buys and sells used warehouse storage and used material handling equipment, and has an outstanding reputation of working with our customers to get them the right equipment they need quickly, and at the most competitive price available. Since 1992 we have been providing used pallet racking, used conveyors, used steel shelving, used mezzanines, and much more. 


Challenge us to get answers to your warehouse storage or material handling problems, issues, or concerns. We have an incredibly large inventory of used equipment on hand and should have no problem finding you the right product in a timely fashion.


With over 530,000 square feet of inventory in our warehouse, ASI is the largest used material handling dealer in the country. All of our inventory is stored indoors, so weather damage is not a concern when buying used equipment from us. Our main facility is located in RI, but we have shipping locations throughout the nation. This allows us to ship nationally while still maintaining competitive freight rates.


ASI also buys used material handling equipment, warehouse equipment, and industrial storage equipment. All used equipment must be in good working condition for ASI to consider purchasing it. We regularly buy large quantities of used conveyor, used mezzanines, used steel shelving, used pallet rack, and much, much more! Call us today to speak with Mike Cienava II from our Purchasing Department.


Call us today for a free quote, and quantity discounts are available. All pricing is listed as "as low as". The prices that are displayed are dependent on the quantity desired, the capacity required, and the condition. Installation services are also available, ensuring that your used material handling equipment is installed properly in as little time as possible.

Material Handling Solutions



Pallet Rack Installation

posted: 1/25/2018


We are in the process of completing another large pallet rack installation. The teardrop pallet rack for this job is new because of the size of the project. We work closely with manufacturers to get the best possible price for our customers. We then start focusing on the logistics of the shipments and coordination of the installation. Our salesmen take care of your order from start to finish and are always there to answer any questions and concerns you may have.


Pallet Rack Installation






Pallet Rack System

posted: 2/27/2017


Used Pallet Rack

Another recent job from American Surplus has been just been completed by our in-house install team. This job helped our customer get inventory off the floor and get organized for spring. Pallet rack is perfect for organizing in the warehouse and maximizing your spaces' full potential. When you call American Surplus our goal is to provide a guaranteed low price quote and assist you every step of the way through the buying process, and installation if you need it. We strive to offer the best service in the industry and won't stop working until the job is complete. 

Used Pallet Rack





Cantilever Rack Systems

posted: 9/26/2016


A recent job from American Surplus has been installed by our team. This job helped our customer save a lot of space. A growing business needed to move facilities to accommodate their inventory and with limited space, our cantilever rack design gave them the biggest bang for their buck. When storing long products, cantilever rack is often the best solution, give our team a call today to see what we can do for you!



New Cantilever Rack New Cantilever Rack New Cantilever Rack





Warehouse System- Pallet Rack

posted: 7/18/2016


A recent job from American Surplus spearheaded by Tom Oliveira, featured an enormous new pallet rack system. When dealing with large quantities, it can be advantageous to go with new product instead of used. That was the case here, due to the size of the project, the quantity discount for new became the best option. This was a win-win for the customer, saving money and getting a great looking product. The project was designed to maximize the space in the warehouse, and get product organized and off the floor. This job featured frames, beams, wire decks, and other used pallet rack accessories. That is another one of the advantages of shopping with American Surplus, we can mix and match new & used to get you the best solution with the best value.


New Pallet Rack New Pallet Rack New Pallet Rack




Let ASI do the work for you! From Start, To Finish! Used Steel Mezzanine Solution

posted: 6/30/2016


Starting, Growing, or Moving your warehouse can be a headache. American Surplus can guide you through the process. With over 25 years experience our team can handle any job no matter the size. From the time you request a quote until your project is complete, our knowledgeable staff is here to help. One of the great services we offer is installation. This is just one of the most recent jobs we have done. Our team is installing two used steel mezzanines for this customer, approx. 8,000 square feet between them. We provided a CAD layout and designed the project to fit the used mezzanine into their existing warehouse. Let ASI get to work for YOU!


Used Steel Mezzanine Used Mezzanine Mezzanines warehouse mezzanine



Save money by creating office space & storage space at the same time! 

posted: 6/17/2016


Increasing efficiency and space in your warehouse space is a must. As a warehouse manager, you want to be able to store as much product as you can in the smallest amount of space. At the same time, you want to store your products efficiently. If you have an office inside your warehouse that can make things even more difficult. American Surplus specializes in providing warehouse equipment that saves you time, money and space. Two products we offer to make this possible are our Mezzanines & In-Plant Offices.


Below you can see how we did this in our own warehouse. On the left, we built a mezzanine over our office to hold some of our inventory and equipment. In the middle, we have a second-floor office and all the way on the right we designed a mezzanine to hold a large conference room & break room. Below the conference room is a travel lane through the warehouse. This doubles our space and increases efficiency at the same time.


Check out our blog for more information!


Mezzanine and In-Plant Office




We Will Buy Your Used Warehouse and Material Handling Equipment. 

posted: 10/8/2015


American Surplus buys used warehouse and material handling equipment nationwide. Whether you are moving, consolidating, or simply have too much equipment, ASI will offer top dollar for your equipment. Our team will visit your location, inspect the surplus inventory, and supply a bid offer the next day.


Our team will work within your schedule to dismantle, package and remove the inventory. Please contact our purchaser, Michael Cienava II, at 800-876-3736 ext 214. You can also email information and pictures to Michael at mcienava@americansurplus.com 


Our most recent purchase consisted of conveyor and pallet flow rack:


Used Shelving 2015 Buy Used Rack Buy 2015 Used Conveyor Buy 2015




Mezzanine Storage Solution - Before & After

posted: 9/18/2014


Check out our before and after pictures of our most recent Mezzanine project! The customer needed additional storage space and moving was not an option. American Surplus designed a mezzanine to fit their space, complete with two stairways, safety guard rail, and vinyl decking. American Surplus designed the warehouse providing the customer with the space needed while staying within budget and finishing the job on time. Call our team at 800-876-3736 to help with your next project.





Used Shelving Solution for a Growing Business

posted: 8/15/2014


When shipping out product to customers, there is always the rare possibility of something going wrong between the time it leaves our dock and arrives at our customer’s doorstep. In the unusual case that something is damaged or missing, American Surplus makes it a priority to find a solution for our customers.



A recent issue occurred in which hardware was missing when the shipment arrived at the customer’s location. American Surplus photographs every order before it goes out the door, and we were able to show that the hardware was included when it left our facility. After speaking with the client our customer service representative found that the package had been ripped open during transit and someone had taken the hardware.



In order to help the customer assemble their shelving as quickly as possible, our team offered several options to our client. A freight claim could be filed, they could purchase new clips from us, or purchase nuts and bolts locally to assemble the shelves rather than using the clip hardware. The solution was the latter, our customer service representative gave the client all the information she needed to assemble the shelves with nuts and bolts, which became the cheapest, most efficient solution for our client.


In the end, our client was very satisfied with the purchase and will return to American Surplus as her growing business flourishes!




2 Deep Structural Push Back Rack for Expanding Facility

posted: 7/10/2014


A facility In Fall River, Massachusetts was building a 23,500 Sq. Ft. expansion onto their existing production facility. They were looking for a cost effective solution to maximize the number of pallets that they could store in the space. At the same time they also wanted to minimize the chance of any forklift damage done to the rack.


The builders quoted them a 2 deep structural push back rack system for the ease of operation, and the structural racking would hold up better to impact then roll form racking.


When the customer contacted American Surplus on the project and were happy to find out that we had 2 deep selective rack from the same manufacturer as what was being quoted new. It was 4” wide columns reinforced to 15’. The new quote was 3” single columns.


At the end of the project, they were able to purchase the same amount of pallet positions and have it delivered and installed for about 25% of the cost of the new product (not including freight and installation). American Surplus specializes in high quality used equipment, which can save you substantial money when compared to buying used.






Two Story Inplant Office with Mezzanine

posted: 4/17/2014


A customer called from their global headquarters to inquire about adding some offices into their facility. They didn't want to expand their facility, but rather utilize the space they already had. Our salesperson, John Celona, recommended implementing an inplant office unit for their warehouse. John felt that this was the most practical solution because it makes use of the existing space within the facility.


 Compared to in plant offices, traditional office spaces are more expensive in the short run, and they are more expensive in the long run because they increase the square footage of your facility, which increases your tax liability. In plant offices utilize the existing space, so it doesn't affect the building's overall square footage or tax liability.


After many conversations about the customer's specific layout requirements, John had CAD drawings prepared, which outlined all of the required details of the in plant office, including the dimensions, doorways, windows, A/C units, and more. After working with John, the customer agreed that the most effective use of space would be a two story inplant office, with one story below a mezzanine, and one story sitting on top of the mezzanine.


This solution took advantage of the vertical space that wasn't being utilized within their facility, while providing brand new office units for their employees. The mezzanine provided the structural integrity required to have the inplant offices positioned on top of one another. The customer was thrilled with their new offices, and were even more thrilled that they chose this alternative over costly renovations.





Wholesale Sporting Goods Center

posted: 4/8/2014


One of our recent challenges came with providing a storage solution for a wholesale sporting goods distribution center. This customer needed a reliable racking system to store track and field equipment.


The call was received by Russ Surette and he walked the customer through the project start to finish.


Once Russ received a CAD layout from the customer depicting what he needed, our engineer provided specific capacities for the customer to get a better idea of what type of Pallet Rack was needed to store the material. Due to the specific height requested by the customer we proposed a Heavy Duty Frazier Pallet Rack system. When building a 32 foot tall rack system we need to make sure all precautions and specifications are accounted for.


Custom extensions were fabricated at American Surplus to increase the existing 26 foot frames to 32 feet to meet the customer's needs. Additional special cross aisle ties were fabricated as well as cutting down some 96" beams to 48" to fit the exact design requested by the customer.



Our ability to provide custom modifications tailored to our clients' needs is one niche that separates American Surplus Inc. in the industry.



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