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PRE-OWNED Mecalux Pallet Racking

October 26, 2020

Pre-owned Interlake Mecalux pallet racking down and ready to ship ASAP. Frames are 42" x 22' with a 3" x 2.5" Column. Beams are 144" X 4" with an approx capacity of around 2,650 lbs. Used wire decks are designed to drop in and sit on the step of the beams. This material is priced to move. Give a sales rep a call today.

Material List
Product Quantity Dimensions
Mecalux Teardrop Frame 500 42" X 22'
Mecalux Teardrop Beam 10000 144" x 4"
Used Wire Decks 15000 42" X 46"


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