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New York Pallet Rack and Drive In Rack Liquidation

May 2, 2018

American Surplus has recently acquired a good amount of used drive in rack and used structural pallet rack. The manufacturer's of the rack include Frazier pallet rack and konstant pallet rack. We are helping the customer dismantle the racking as well. The material is in good condition and ready for resale.

Our list of material includes: (700) Positions of 5 high x 4 deep drive in rack with cantilever leg frames and (496) Positions of 5 high x 3 deep drive in rack with cantilever leg frames. The structural pallet rack, consists of (280) structural pallet rack frames 42” deep x 22’/23’ high, made by both Frazier and konstant rack. It also includes (200) structural frames 44” deep x 22’ high, with cantilever leg style frames. The beams consist of (2300) konstant beams 99 x 3 and (1024) frazier pallet rack beams 98 x 3.

Used drive in pallet racking lets forklifts and other lifts drive directly into the rack to place pallets. The difference between drive in and drive through pallet rack is drive through has openings on both ends, allowing you to drive all the way through the rack system, while drive in racking only has an opening on one side, so forklifts must back out of the row.


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