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Massachusetts Pallet Rack Liquidation

April 27, 2018

Located in Massachusetts's, this used pallet rack liquidation was right in our backyard. It consisted of a variety of manufacturers including republic pallet rack, interlake pallet rack, buckley master rack and ridg-u-rak pallet rack. It also included a mettler toledo pallet jack, a couple warehouse fans, a handful of lockers and some wireway wire cage panels.

The Used Interlake Pallet Rack consisted of 48" deep x 192" tall frames, with 96" long beams. 48" x 46" used wire decks are included with this lot of rack as well. In addition to Interlake, we acquired some republic pallet rack frames and beams. They measured 42" and 48" deep, with heights ranging from 120", 144" and 192" tall. The republic beams were 96" long & ranged in capacities. Wire decks came with this lot as well, both 42" and 48" x 46" wide. We also had small lots of buckley master rack and rid-u-rak pallet rack sections.

American Surplus also acquired a Mettler Toledo Pallet Jack with Scale. This unit has a 4,000 lb. capacity. It features a high visibility LCD panel with white back light and has rugged wheels & ergonomic steering handle. With long life battery, you can get up to 95 hours of operation before recharge. The advantage is simply combining moving & weighing product into one step!

Stay tuned for more recent liquidations from American Surplus!


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