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Heavy-Duty Steel Yard Ramp: A Versatile Loading Solution

Authored by Derek Rotondi
October 11, 2023
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industrial yard ramp
industrial yard ramp
industrial yard ramp
industrial yard ramp

Attention Shoppers: Liquidation Sale - Unloading Trucks, Trailers, and Railcars Made Easy!

Unfortunately, this item is no longer in our inventory.

In industries where efficient loading and unloading of trucks, trailers, or railcars are a constant necessity, having a reliable and robust yard ramp is paramount. This steel yard ramp, with its impressive features and specifications, is designed to meet the demands of such scenarios.

This steel yard ramp is designed for loading and unloading a truck, trailer, or railcar when dock space isn't available. Manufactured from durable steel, this yard ramp has a 22,000 lb. weight capacity and measures 37' L x 81.5" W. The surface of the ramp includes a middle diamond plated strip that is surrounded by serrated steel grating, which allows for snow, dirt, and debris to fall through, preventing dangerous build-up on the ramp (please note, the grated surface of this ramp is not designed for forklift turning maneuvers). Additional safety features include 8" tall side rails on either side to prevent forklifts from driving over the edges, and two 60" safety chains to hold the ramp secure to the loading surface. The chains can be attached to a semi-truck trailer's ICC bumper to prevent the ramp from kicking out.

This yard ramp also includes a dual action hydraulic pump for smooth raising and lowering of the yard ramp. To use the pump, simply push the lever forward or back to raise the front and open the release valve to safely lower the ramp into position. The pump is conveniently stored internally for safety and protection.

Unlike similar yard ramp models, this yard ramp ships fully assembled so it's ready to use on arrival.

  • Manufactured from durable steel with two solid 18" rubber tires
  • Measures 37' L x 81.5" W
  • 22,000 lb. weight capacity
  • Includes two 12" L x 33" W flip plates at top and two approach plates at the bottom to provide a smooth transition, 8" guard rails, integrated safety chains, and drop-down legs for added safety
  • Serrated steel mesh surface allows moisture and debris to fall through and provides additional traction
  • Easy to use double-action hydraulic pump easily adjusts the ramp from 42" to 62"
  • ASI Price: $9,000

FOB:12891 92nd Street N. Largo FL 33773

Don't let the challenges of limited dock space impede your operations. Equip your facility with the strength and reliability of this heavy-duty steel yard ramp. With its impressive load capacity, smart design, and unwavering commitment to safety, it's the solution you've been searching for. Streamline your loading and unloading processes, increase productivity, and safeguard your team and equipment. Take the first step towards enhanced efficiency today. Click the button below to order your fully assembled steel yard ramp and experience the difference in your logistics operations. Elevate your capabilities and ensure the smooth flow of materials - invest in excellence now!

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Product List Updated 10/12/23
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Specifications Dimensions
This item has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Length: 37'
Width: 6' 10"
Minimum Height: 42"
Maximum Height: 62"
Weight: 5,717 lbs.
Maximum Capacity: 22,000 lbs.
Material: Steel
Lift Type: Dual Cylinder Hydraulic
Guard Rail Height: 8"
Usable Width: 6' 5"
Tire Size: 18"