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Hartford, CT Warehouse Liquidation

Authored by Derek Rotondi
December 11, 2018

 Update 12/11/18: We're wrapping up this liquidation now! If you're interested in any of the product from this liquidation, including used Hallowell clip shelving, bar grating, and more, now's the perfect time to buy before we bring it all back to our building.

9/13/18: A recent visit out to Northern Connecticut brought us to a facility in Hartford, where I have to say, we weren't disappointed! While many of our liquidations (Such as our recent take-down out of Whitehall, PA...If you haven't taken a look yet, you definitely should!) leave us with a smörgåsbord of equipment, some liquidations end up being a lot more specific, with only a small handful of different products needing a new home. This liquidation is an example of the latter; the owner of this warehouse asked us to take away a shelf-supported mezzanine, and we were happy to oblige! It isn't everyday we can get our hands on almost 17,000 shelves worth of material, and we want to pass the first pick right onto you!

Do you see a product listed here that you want to get your hands on? Want to see more pictures? Have questions? Don't hesitate! Call our sales team at (800) 876-3736 today or request a quote online to see the different we can make for you AND your wallet!

Product Quantity Dimensions
Used Bar Grating 17,979 Sq.ft.
Used Mezzanine 1 12' x 12' with 2 levels
Used Stairways 3
Used Hallowell Clip Shelving 30" x 42", 10 Shelf Bays
|Shelves 8,510 30" x 42"
|Angle Posts 1,702 230"
|Beaded Posts 922 230"
|Back Braces 2,000 42"
|Side Braces 3,800 30"
|Catwalk Supports 922 32"
Used Bolt Style Shelving 30" x 42", 11 Shelf Bays
|Shelves 6,930 30" x 42"
|Angle Posts 2,520 254"
|Back Braces 1,400 42"
|Side Braces 2,664 30"
|Catwalk Supports 666 32"
Used Clip Style Shelving 12" x 48", 10 Shelf Bays
|Shelves 1,400 12" x 48"
|Posts 300 180"