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Frazier Pallet Rack Material Liquidation

September 2, 2021

American Surplus Inc. is currently liquidating a facility where ASI has acquired Frazier Frames, Frazier Beams, Wire Decks, and Row Spacers. This Frazier racking material comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Currently we are offering unbeatable deals before it’s delivered to our warehouse with on-site liquidation pricing. These used Frazier Racking Systems are going to be sold at unbeatable prices of 40% to 60% or more off the price of buying new. At unrivalled low pricing this material is selling fast, so don’t miss out on this great on-site deal. Pre-ordering has already started so call an American Surplus sales representative today at (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online.

Are you moving or liquidating and want cash for the material in your old facility? Don't waste your time with scrap dealer; ASI can help! We pay top dollar for the used shelving, racking, and other warehouse equipment you're leaving behind, repurposing your old material, and helping you make back most of your investment along the way. Learn more about our purchasing program online or call our sales office at (800)876-3736 to get started.

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Frazier Pallet Rack
Frazier Pallet Rack
Frazier Pallet Rack
Frazier Pallet Rack

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Please contact our sales team for up-to-date pricing and availability.

Product Dimensions Quantity
Frazier Pallet Rack Material
Frazier Frames 54" x 20' 90
Frazier Frames 44" x 20' 18
Frazier Frames 44" x 20' 240
Frazier Frames - Double Reinforced to 96" w/ 6" Bullnose 44" x 20' 200
Frazier Frames 42' x 20' 6
Frazier Frames - Double Reinforced to 100" w/ 4" Bullnose 42" x 20' 22
Frazier Beams 144" x 6" 56
Frazier Step Beams 144" x 5" 462
Frazier Beams w/ PS holes 102" x 4" 178
Frazier Beams 99" x 4" 2,698
Frazier Beams 96" x 4" 8
Frazier Beams 96" x 3.25" 24
Wire Decks 42" x 46" 24
Wire Decks 42" x 48" 160
Wire Decks 42" x 46" 2,698
Row Spacers 12" 480
Frazier Pallet Rack
Frazier Pallet Rack


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