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Attention! Limited-Time Pallet Rack Blow-Out Sale

Authored by Derek Rotondi
May 26, 2023

American Surplus, a renowned provider of top-quality industrial equipment, is thrilled to announce this exclusive opportunity for you to acquire exceptional pallet racks at jaw-dropping prices. However, please note that this limited-time offer is applicable for pickup only from the Sodus, NY job site.

American Surplus, a trusted name in the industry, takes immense pride in delivering high-quality industrial equipment to customers nationwide. With a vast inventory and an impeccable track record, they have consistently met and exceeded the expectations of countless satisfied clients.

Remember, this blowout pallet rack sale is a limited-time offer. Act swiftly to secure the best deals and maximize your savings. Whether you're a business owner, a warehouse manager, or an individual in need of efficient storage, this sale is tailored to meet your needs. Don’t wait because this limited inventory is selling fast. Call an American Surplus sales associate today before this material is gone!

Are you moving or liquidating and want cash for the material in your old facility? Don't waste your time with scrap dealer; ASI can help! We pay top dollar for the used shelving, racking, and other warehouse equipment you're leaving behind, repurposing your old material, and helping you make back most of your investment along the way. Learn more about our purchasing program online or call our sales office at (800)876-3736 to get started.

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Product List Updated 5/26/23
Call Our Sales Team At 800-876-3736 for up-to-date pricing and availability.

Product Dimensions Quantity Jobsite Price
Pallet Rack Blow-Out Liquidation Sale
Lok Rak Frames 29" x 13' 62 $80.00
Lok Rak Frames 42" x 14' 51 $100.00
Burtman Frames 29" x 13' 240 $75.00
Burtman Frames 29" x 14' 275 $75.00
Frazier Frames 29" x 14' 49 $75.00
Frazier Frames 29" x 18' 100 $85.00
Frazier Frames 29" x 24' 140 $100.00
Frazier Frames 36" x 14' 119 $100.00
Frazier Frames 36" x 18' 172 $125.00
Frazier Frames 36" x 24' 50 $175.00
Lok Rack Beams 92" x 3" 1,040 $12.00
Lok Rack Beams 96" x 3" 276 $12.00
Burtman Beams 92" x 3" 1,556 $12.00
Pallet Supports 29" 5,516 $2.00
Pallet Supports 36" 2,896 $2.00
Pallet Supports 42" 764 $2.00
Pallet Positions of Drive In 2 Deep 4,246 $75.00
Pallet Positions of Drive In 3 Deep 2,946 $75.00
Pallet Positions of Drive In 4 Deep 1,560 $75.00