5 Striking Benefits of Powered Conveyor in a Modern Warehouse

October 27, 2015


Any conveyor machine is simply a movable or even immobile machine intended to handle products routinely from one position to another. It really is one of the most conventional procedures applied regarding equipment transporting, mainly because of its unique ability to complete the appropriate operations continuously. Conveyor systems systems are mostly used inside the product handling and packing business, but they can be put into use by many other types of companies. Conveyors are one of the most popular warehouse equipment pieces due to the improved efficiency and the wide variety of products that can be moved with conveyor. Due to product being moved in a hands-free system they are also able to promote safety. Today we are going to discuss why a powered conveyor system can help your warehouse stay up to date.

With a greater use of automation, powered conveyor can cut down on worker fatigue as well as worker mistakes. Automation also allows for a greater increase in productivity, as an employee will not have to walk an item from one part of the building to another. With new technologies an employee can put an item on the belt, and it can end up at the intended destination with no manual help. Photo eyes and diverters can move the product throughout the warehouse with no employee supervision.

Powered Conveyor systems can be set up basically any place in a warehouse. Heavy duty conveyors can even be set up outside if your operation has a need for it. With a powered conveyor, items can move from high locations to low ones and back again with belted and cleated conveyor. Incline conveyors move product between various floors of a warehouse. Controlling transportation of products from floor level to a mezzanine, platform, or from building to building saves valuable floor space by transporting products to an overhead location without the use of a forklift. Conveyor can be set up in short bursts if you need it or can connect 1000’s of feet of line together.

Safety is improved because of the effective use of conveyor systems. This is not just because of less human handling, but because relative to various other equipment, they are less hazardous to use. A few examples of equipment which are sometimes substituted by conveyor machines include forklifts, cranes, and carts and wagons. A lot of conveyor systems have built-in safety functions which help to minimize the risk of any sort of accident, like automated plus manual stoppage of operation. Conveyors can also come with many added safety features such as an emergency cable stop, which is a pull cord that can be used for immediate stopping of a conveyor system.

Decreased Man Hours
People are always your most important resource and should be used wisely. To go along with automation, with a powered conveyor, you will need less labor to help your product move. With less man hours going into moving product around your warehouse, they can be freed up to do other tasks such as stacking shelves or picking a greater number of orders. With less man hours being used to move product you may also be able to hire a conveyor technician to help make sure your conveyor is always in the right working manner.

Availability to Buy Used

Buying brand new equipment for a large warehouse can be an expensive and time consuming process. Luckily the ability to buy used conveyor is one that is readily available. Here at American Surplus, we stock many different types of powered conveyor that is all in great condition. When we sell used conveyor, we make sure that every part is doing its job, and that the customer will not be able to tell the difference between used conveyor and new conveyor besides the price.

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