4 Reasons why a Mezzanine is right for your warehouse

January 29, 2016


Whenever a company grows beyond its current warehouse capabilities the first thought is “We need to move to a larger warehouse.” But I am here to tell you that there may be another option that will allow you to stay in your current warehouse. The answer could be installing a mezzanine in your warehouse. Wikipedia defines a warehouse mezzanine as “a raised platform that is independent of a building structure and is supported by columns.” Mezzanines work great if you have high ceilings, but part of your warehouse has low clearance items such as shelving or some workstations. Which brings me to the first advantage of an industrial mezzanine system:

Mezzanines can take the space you have already and make it work better for you. Warehouse mezzanines can increase or even double the square footage of your building without actually expanding outside your current footprint. Many warehouses have high ceilings, and this is perfect for a mezzanine. If you have 1,000 ft x 1,000 ft warehouse, then you know you have a 1 million square foot warehouse. But you are not considering vertical space. If you have 40-foot ceilings, then all of a sudden you have 40 million cubed feet of storage. Now, odds are you are not going to use every inch for storage, but always remember you have upward direction as well.

Mezzanines are almost always less expensive than deciding to buy or lease a larger warehouse. Especially when you factor in the cost of moving all your product and equipment from one location to another, which may slow down or even halt production. Mezzanines can be installed while a warehouse is still operating at 100% with little to no disruption to a normal day. When every dollar matters, it is important to take the option that will help you continue to operate as if nothing is changing.

Mezzanines are not only for storing product for storage and retail purposes. You can create new office spaces on top of warehouse mezzanines and possibly increase the number of employees you are able to hire. You can add an in-plant office to the top of the mezzanine and create all new office spaces for existing or new employees.

Once they are completed, instantly add value to your property. When you increase your storage space, possible resale of the building is almost always going to go up. Adding an warehouse mezzanine system to your existing facility is almost always less expensive than moving to a new facility.

As you can see there are many reasons that choosing a mezzanine may be the right call for your business and your warehouse. Mezzanines are versatile and can be used for both storage and for possible office space. They can double the usable square footage of your building if you choose to build one that takes up the whole size of your building.