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Used Stretch Wrappers

CID: 543
  • Increase productivity and save money
  • Consistent secure shipments
  • Reduce labor costs

Used Stretch Wrappers for Sale

Used stretch wrappers place plastic film around a loaded pallet, reducing the labor required to manually wrap them. Used stretch wrappers have different wrap patterns depending on pallet size, so it consistently keeps pallet loads secure.


ASI’s used stretch wrappers are less expensive than heat tunnels or wrapping by hand, and are sold with a 30 day ASI guarantee. Used stretch wrappers provide consistent and secure shipments.

Predator Stretch Wrapper

Condition Model Mfg # Capacity Speed Volts Wrap Hgt Pallet Size Htz ASI
Factory Demo SS P1202E204 4,000 lbs 0-10 RPM 115 80" up to 52" x 52" x 80" 60 $6,495
New SS P1202E204 4,000 lbs 0-10 RPM 115 80" up to 52" x 52" x 80" 60 $6,995




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Used stretch wrappers most commonly use low-density polyethylene, which can stretch up to 500% of its length before breaking. The film is typically only stretched 100 to 300% when in use, and once it is stretched the elastic recovery keeps the load tight and secure. In warehouse and industrial settings, stretch wrappers most commonly serve the following functions:(click here to view entire article)


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Types of Used Stretch Wrappers


Used stretch wrappers are designed to wrap a wide range of sizes and at various levels of automation. The manual devices are basic but effective in the right situations but can be time consuming for the operator to continue to move around the pallet and up for a complete wrap.


Automated used stretch wrappers are available in two main categories: rotary tables and rotary towers. The rotary tables have a rotating platform for placing the pallet to be wrapped. As the table is rotated, plastic film is drawn from a stationary spool.


Rotary tables are available as manual, semi-automatic, or used automatic stretch wrappers. Manual used wrappers are operator controlled. The operator attaches the plastic film to the load, and controls the winding of the film around the load. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers require an operator to attach the film to the load but the device takes care of the wrapping. Used automatic wrappers require no operator control.

Used stretch wrappers are of high profile or low profile design. Low profile is the distance between the floor level and the surface of the table the load is placed on. Low profile wrappers are positioned closer to the floor. In high profile stretch wrappers, the rotary table is located on an above ground platform. High profile refers to the distance between the floor level and the surface of the table on which the load is placed. 



Used Stretch Wrapper    

Used Packaging Equipment Guarantee:

Pre-owned Packaging Equipment may be returned, within 30 days of receipt, for a full refund of the cost of the equipment less a predetermined 30-day rental fee, providing the particular piece of equipment is returned in good, resalable condition, free from damage by Purchaser or Trucking Carrier. (Equipment that arrived damaged must be signed for “damaged” and the purchaser must file a claim with the carrier.) Pre-authorization must be given by American Surplus Inc. prior to return of equipment. Return freight charges are to be paid by purchaser. ASI will not be responsible for any freight charges and will not accept collect freight returns.


This Guarantee is to serve as “peace of mind” and allow the customer the opportunity to try the equipment purchased and confirm it’s what was ordered. If you decide you need a larger or different machine, a full merchandise credit will be offered (less freight) toward your upgrade. All packaging equipment is available to view on our Website or may be seen at our warehouse.




Used Lantch Stretch Wrapper    


Used Lantech Stretch Wrapper

Performance Speed 25-35 loads per hour
Maximum Load Diagonal 72" Recommended
Maximum Load Height 80"
Maximum Load Weight 4,000 lbs.
Turntable, Smooth Top 65" Diameter
Turntable, Drive 3/4 HP TEFC Motor
Turntable, Speed 1-12 RPM
Wrapping Force Variable Control
Film Capacity 10" Roll Diameter, 20" Film  Width
Machine Size 67" Wide x 120" Long x 93"High
Shipping Weight 1,650 lbs. (excluding ramp)
Machine Voltage 115V, 20 Amp
Microcontroller Standard
Wrap Cycle Pause Standard
One Way Wrap Standard





















Used Reoopac Stretch Wrapper, Model Robot 2002 PFS

Used Stretch Wrapper



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