American Surplus Inc. buys and sells used warehouse storage and used material handling equipment, and has an outstanding reputation of working with our customers to get them the right equipment they need quickly, and at the most competitive price available. Since 1992 we have been providing used pallet racking, used conveyors, used steel shelving, used mezzanines, and much more. 


Challenge us to get answers to your warehouse storage or material handling problems, issues, or concerns. We have an incredibly large inventory of used equipment on hand and should have no problem finding you the right product in a timely fashion.


With over 530,000 square feet of inventory in our warehouse, ASI is the largest used material handling dealer in the country. All of our inventory is stored indoors, so weather damage is not a concern when buying used equipment from us. Our main facility is located in RI, but we have shipping locations throughout the nation. This allows us to ship nationally while still maintaining competitive freight rates.


ASI also buys used material handling equipment, warehouse equipment, and industrial storage equipment. All used equipment must be in good working condition for ASI to consider purchasing it. We regularly buy large quantities of used conveyor, used mezzanines, used steel shelving, used pallet rack, and much, much more! Call us today to speak with Mike Cienava II from our Purchasing Department.


Call us today for a free quote, and quantity discounts are available. All pricing is listed as "as low as". The prices that are displayed are dependent on the quantity desired, the capacity required, and the condition. Installation services are also available, ensuring that your used material handling equipment is installed properly in as little time as possible.

Used Steel Mezzanines For Sale- In Stock (Sample Inventory Below)

Used Steel Mezzanine

Used Steel Mezzanine 

  • Maximize Floor Space
  • Increase Storage Space by 100%
  • Take it with you if you move
  • Fraction of the cost of a new mezzanine
  • Minimal interruption to existing operations
  • Free CAD Layout and In-Person Site Visits are available with your quote

Please see below for a few of the steel mezzanines that we have recently acquired

Take existing modules or our mezzanine shop can customize to fit your space! 


Talk with our sales team to find the right size & configuration for your application

Used Steel Mezzanine

Used Steel Mezzanine by Wildeck (100,000 Square Feet)

  • 100,000 Square Feet of Material
  • (216) 8 x 8 Columns 11' High
  • 108" Clear Height
  • Steel B Deck with 3/4" T&G Mezzanine Decking

    CAD drawings, site visits available with your quote.  Please call 800-876-3736

    Click here for the CAD Layout & Module Sizes 

Click here for a complete photo gallery of this used mezzanine
Used Steel Mezzanine

Used Steel Mezzanine (15,000 Square Feet)

  • 7" x 7" Columns with 14" x 14" Base Plates
  • 134" Top Of Deck Height
  • 120" Clear Height
  • Take as is or our mezzanine shop can modify for you
  • Wood Decking & Corrugated Decking (Mezzanine Flooring)
  • 17 Step Stairways (36" wide x 120" high)
  • Plenty of other mezzanine accessories, Just Ask! 
Click Here to View the CAD Drawing of this Mezzanine
  • CAD drawings, site visits available.  Please call 800-876-3736

Used Steel Mezzanine

Used Steel Mezzanine (Burtman I-Beam Style Mezzanine)

  • I-Beam to I-Beam steel design
  • I-Beam to Channel steel design
  • Channel to Channel steel design
Low Profile Design
  • Great for low ceiling applications
  • 10"-12" max mezzanine thickness
  • Nut & Bolt assembly
  • Bargrate or Wood Flooring
  • Plenty of mezzanine accessories, Just Ask! 

    CAD drawings, site visits available.  Please call 800-876-3736

Used Steel Mezzanine

Used Steel Mezzanine (Cogan I-Beam/Rolled Mezzanine)

  • I-Beam to Rolled Steel Design
  • Rolled Steel to Rolled Steel Design
  • Cogan Mezzanines are cost effective and easy to install
  • Low Profile Designs, 12"-15" typical
  • Light weight but strong
  • Nut & Bolt Assembly
  • Pre-Engineered Mezzanines
  • Plenty of mezzanine accessories, Just Ask! 
  • CAD drawings, site visits available.  Please call 800-876-3736

*Price and product availability subject to change without notice.  Call today for free quote 800-876-3736 
Used steel mezzanines for sale 50-80% off the price of new mezzanines. Call 800-876-3736 or Email for more information & a free quote on used steel mezzanines. American Surplus will provide a quote on new equipment if used is unavailable. Nationwide shipping is available. 

Used Steel Mezzanines For Sale

Used steel mezzanines are a perfect way to add extra storage or office space to your warehouse or storage facility. Typically mezzanines are semi-permanent floor systems that are usually installed within buildings between existing permanent stories. American Surplus can configure used mezzanine systems using CAD drawings to suit your specific needs. Our used mezzanines are able to maximize your cubic floor space and increase your storage space by up to one hundred percent. They are a fraction of the cost of a new mezzanine and you can even take your used steel mezzanine with you if you move locations.
The Five Main Styles of Used Steel Mezzanines are:
Girder Mezzanine I-Beam/Truss Mezzanine Cold Rolled Mezzanine I-Beam/I-Beam Mezzanine Low Profile Mezzanine
Some of the benefits of a custom used steel mezzanine from ASI include
Cost-Effective - Mezzanines are one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize storage space or add additional office spaces to your warehouse or storage facility. This is much less expensive than building a structure from scratch or relocating to a new facility with the extra space. Relocating would require payment of rent or purchase of additional space and additional property tax. Not only are you able to stay in your existing space, but you are able to cost-effectively maximize the space you currently have.
Reconfigure - Our used mezzanines are configured using CAD drawings so it can be built to your exact specifications based on your available space and needs. We will fit the used mezzanine to your existing available warehouse or storage space and can work with you to pick the best options to maximize that space.  
Additional Options – Mezzanines have many styles of mezzanine flooring to choose from based off of your weight requirements including plywood, open plank, bar grating, B deck, and diamond plated. You also have the option of adding mezzanine stairs or a mezzanine ladder for safe and easy access to the mezzanine floor. Used mezzanine catwalks, gates, and hand railings can also be included in your mezzanine for additional safety of your workers.   
Movable – Used steel mezzanines are considered semi-permanent because they act as a permanent structure because of their strength, but can also be broken down and relocated when needed. This is ideal for the constantly changing warehouse environment because the mezzanine can be moved within the building or even taken off-site to another facility.   
Expandable – Mezzanines can be added to and expanded without taking the existing structure down. As your business expands, so can your mezzanine for additional storage, offices, and more.   
Climate Control – Mezzanines are almost always installed in your existing facility, so it takes advantage of your existing heating and cooling systems.   
On-Site Installation – On-site installation of used steel mezzanines from our technicians is fast, efficient, and reliable. Installation can be completed in as little as one day depending on the size and complexity of the mezzanine. This allows for operations at your facility to continue to run smoothly with little interruption from construction.  
Why Buy Used? This might be the first thing you ask yourself, and the only obvious answer is that it saves you money, but this may lead to other more concerning questions. Is a used mezzanine just as safe as a new one? The answer is yes. You will never compromise the safety of your workers and equipment when buying used from American Surplus because that is our top priority. We personally and currently use mezzanines that we acquired used to structure our own facility, including our new office space. Every used mezzanine is in good working condition, so yes, you will save money, and no, you will not compromise the safety of your workers or equipment. Call today for a free quote and CAD drawing of a used mezzanine.
Used steel mezzanines are typically composed of heavy duty I-beams and trusses that create wider column spacing.  Installing a used structural steel mezzanine can create inventory storage, tool cribs, utility storage areas, and even an in-plant office. We can provide all of the components for your mezzanine including the mezzanine decking, flooring, hand rail, stairs, kick plates, gates, landings & various other safety products. When working with our experienced sales staff, we offer conceptual CAD drawings of the steel mezzanines and work platforms we sell. This way you can visualize your project before the product arrives and feel confident with the solution we are providing. No matter how big your warehouse mezzanine system is, we can handle the job for you from start to finish.
Used steel mezzanines create wider column spacing, which allows greater flexibility of floor space for machinery, equipment, or carton flow rack picking lanes.  Space on top of used mezzanines also provides additional storage and office space. Design and installation of used mezzanines, by trained professionals, is available nationwide. This is a great solution for when you are growing your business and need more space. Instead of purchasing or renting more space, you can acquire a pre-owned mezzanine to gain space at a low cost.
Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine
Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine
Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine
Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine
Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine

Used Steel Mezzanine Financing

We understand purchasing a used steel mezzanine can be a large expense for any business. So we have created flexible payment terms & plans to help.
  • 50% Deposits on all orders, with balance due on shipping or COD
  • Credit Cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) for a 3% processing fee
  • Save 50% over new mezzanines when purchasing a used mezzanine
  • Leasing is a great option as well, 12-60 Months, Click Here to Learn More
Example of one of our financing options:
Used Steel Mezzanine Financing

Used Steel Mezzanine Engineering & Permits

American Surplus specializes in designing used steel mezzanines and has an in-house CAD design department responsible for drafting conceptual drawings of the mezzanines we provide. If needed, we also have the ability to help produce permits and engineered drawings for your order as well.
  • We are licensed in all 50 states
  • Typical turnaround on permits & engineering is 7-10 days.
  • We can help submit mezzanine permits to the town and provide capacity & layout drawings.
  • Conceptual CAD design by ASI with quotes
  • "As Built" CAD drawing with orderArchitectural drawings also available
  • 3rd party inspections available if needed
Used Steel Mezzanine Engineering
  • 7-10 Day Lead Time
  • Costs $2000-3000
  • Certified Stamps
  • Architectural Drawings Available
  • ASI can submit permits
  • Install pulls permits
  • Some states offer expedited approval options
  • Typically 4-8 week lead time
Here are some samples of previous used mezzanine jobs that have been completed by the American Surplus team. Our sales team and engineer work hand in hand to provide you with an accurate quote, and conceptual drawing so you can visualize & plan your entire project before you place your order. The drawings we provide also help installers do their job efficiently and accurately.
 Used Steel Mezzanine  Used Steel Mezzanine  Used Steel Mezzanine Used Steel Mezzanine 

Used Steel Mezzanine Shipping

Used Mezzanine
  • American Surplus packages our used mezzanines for flat bed delivery unless requested otherwise
  • Hardware boxed and strapped
  • Mezzanine Flooring inspected
  • Follow flooring drawing when installing
Used Steel Mezzanine
Shipping Office
Sue Tusino- Traffic Manager
401-434-4355 Ext. 226
Shipping Hours
Monday - Thursday (7:00am - 3:30pm)
Fridays (7:00am - 10:00am )

Used Steel Mezzanine FAQ

What is a freestanding mezzanine?
  • Freestanding used mezzanines, also known as work platforms, are used in a wide variety of industrial warehouse applications and offer great flexibility. Instead of incurring costly construction costs, a freestanding used mezzanine provides an economical option for adding space to your existing warehouse facility.
What are the advantages of freestanding mezzanines?
  • Designed to provide clear space under and above the mezzanine
  • Flexible set up, reconstruct and accommodate changes
  • Easy relocation to another building or facility
  • Tax advantages – capital equipment can be depreciated over seven years versus 39 years with typical construction
  • Much shorter project lead times typically for used mezzanines is approximately two weeks over new mezzanines which can be as much as three months
What different types of mezzanines and platforms are available today?
  • Cold Rolled C-channel mezzanines
  • I-beam and C-channel mezzanines
  • I-beam to I-beam mezzanines
  • I-beam to bar joists mezzanines
  • Girder joists to bar joists mezzanines
What is the difference between handrailing and guard railing?
  • Handrailing is only used on a stairway and that is typically what would you would hold onto when going up and down the stairs. Handrailing must be a minimum of 36 inches high from each stair tread. Guard railing on the other hand is what you would see on top of the mezzanine. Guard rail is there to prevent someone from falling over the edge of the mezzanine. Guard railing consists of two horizontal members typically set at 21 inches and 42 inches high.
Does American Surplus provide safety gates for used mezzanine?
Yes, American Surplus does offer several styles of safety gates.
  • Lift out gates
  • Roll gates
  • Swing gates
  • Powered gates
Call ASI and speak with a used mezzanine specialist to find out which one is best for you
How do you determine the right mezzanine flooring for your mezzanine?
First thing to consider is the application. There are many questions you should ask yourself to determine what type of mezzanine flooring is best for you.
  • What is going on top of the mezzanine?
  • How long will the material be there and how will it be moved or stored?
  • Is there going to be a wet environment?
  • Will there be in office on top of the mezzanine?
  • Will you be using any pallet jacks or carts on top of the mezzanine?
How do you calculate how much room a mezzanine stairway will take up?
  • When using OSHA stairways it is simple to determine, the horizontal run is equal to your deck height.
Example: 10 foot tall mezzanine deck height equals approximately a 10 foot long horizontal run. The 45° angle will allow you to use a stairway without a landing as long as the mezzanine is not taller than 12 feet high.
  • Boca stairways on the other hand have a horizontal run 1.5 times the deck height example: a 10 foot high mezzanine deck height will need approximately 15 feet of horizontal run for the stairway
At what point do I need a landing for my used mezzanine?
  • Any mezzanine that has a top of deck height over 12 feet high requires an intermediate landing 48 inches long. Intermediate landings can also be used to create an L-shaped or U-shaped stair design.
How many stairways do I need for my used mezzanine?
  • There are many factors required to determine the number of stairways for used mezzanine or work platform. The general rule of thumb would be to have a stairway within 75 feet at any point on the mezzanine.
What should be the minimum clear height under my mezzanine?
  • Per the IBC 2009 section 505.1 the minimum clear height under mezzanine is 7 feet which is the same minimum clearance you will need on top of your mezzanine to your ceiling.
What do I need to know when considering a used mezzanine in my warehouse?
  • First of all, mezzanines should not take up more than 60% of the room. In some towns the restriction is 33%. Please check with your local building department. What you want to avoid is the local official considering your mezzanine to be considered a second floor this will require additional restrooms and other restrictions.
  • Obstructions, always looked for building columns electrical lines, utility lines, windows and other obstructions.
  • Make sure you have at least 7 foot clear from the top of your floor on your used mezzanine
  • Make sure that you have at least one stairway every 75 feet
  • Keep in mind to calculate your stairway horizontal length should be the same as the top of deck height on your mezzanine
Why is American Surplus’s mezzanine quote so much lower than the others I have received?
  • Because at ASI we recycle surplus existing mezzanines. Mezzanines that have been pre-engineered and installed from the factory. Our prices are always substantially lower than those companies who by new mezzanines from local distributors. ASI is one of the leading used mezzanine suppliers in the United States.
Can I order only parts of the mezzanine?
  • Yes, since we are a used dealer of mezzanines we can certainly supply the entire platform or just parts. For example, if you would like to use your own stairway or wood flooring we can provide you with a skeleton of the used mezzanine.
Once I place an order how long will it take before my mezzanine gets shipped?
  • Typically the lead time for use mezzanine is approximately two weeks. Obviously modifications or any custom work will take longer. Remember this lead time starts once we receive your 50% deposit.
Does your price include installation?
  • No. Unless stated on the quote. Our prices are only for the used mezzanine material itself. Most of our customers assemble the mezzanine themselves on site. However, if you prefer to have a professional installation company do the work for you then we can help. We have reputable insured installation crews nationwide. Let us know and ASI can take care of the details and add the installation cost to your final invoice.
Where do your used mezzanines shipped from?
  • Typically everything we sell ships FOB Rhode Island. We package the material to ship via flatbed so please let us know if this will be a problem. We can ship in a box trailer but it may be difficult to remove without the proper equipment.




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