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American Surplus Inc. buys and sells used warehouse storage and used material handling equipment, and has an outstanding reputation of working with our customers to get them the right equipment they need quickly, and at the most competitive price available. Since 1992 we have been providing used pallet racking, used conveyors, used steel shelving, used mezzanines, and much more. 


Challenge us to get answers to your warehouse storage or material handling problems, issues, or concerns. We have an incredibly large inventory of used equipment on hand and should have no problem finding you the right product in a timely fashion.


With over 530,000 square feet of inventory in our warehouse, ASI is the largest used material handling dealer in the country. All of our inventory is stored indoors, so weather damage is not a concern when buying used equipment from us. Our main facility is located in RI, but we have shipping locations throughout the nation. This allows us to ship nationally while still maintaining competitive freight rates.


ASI also buys used material handling equipment, warehouse equipment, and industrial storage equipment. All used equipment must be in good working condition for ASI to consider purchasing it. We regularly buy large quantities of used conveyor, used mezzanines, used steel shelving, used pallet rack, and much, much more! Call us today to speak with Mike Cienava II from our Purchasing Department.


Call us today for a free quote, and quantity discounts are available. All pricing is listed as "as low as". The prices that are displayed are dependent on the quantity desired, the capacity required, and the condition. Installation services are also available, ensuring that your used material handling equipment is installed properly in as little time as possible.

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Used Mezzanine Flooring
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Used Mezzanine Flooring for Sale as Low as $2.99/Sq. Ft.

Wood Over B Decking Bar Grating

Used Wood Decking for Mezzanines


Standard Mezzanine Decking consists of one layer of 3/4" T&G, wood installed over 1-1/2" deep gauge corrugated steel deck. The wood provides good resistance to foot traffic and can handle random wheel loads.  The steel decking provides light reflectance.  Most economical selection for general storage and office applications

Used Bar Grating for Mezzanines


Bar Grating is a strong alternative, bar grating allows for air movements, light and water from overhead sprinklers to pass through deck.  Typical 1" x 4" opening. Available in black, aluminum and galvanized. 



Resin Deck or Vinyl Coat
Open Steel Decking

Used Open Plank Decking for Mezzanines


Resin Deck or Vinyl coat flooring can be used for flooring over 20 gauge steel deck.  This is best for mezzanines requiring a solid floor subject to heavy loads from the use of pallet jacks, carts or dollies.  Flooring typically comes in grey or clear seal finishes with a cleanable surface. 

Used Diamond Plate for Mezzanines


Plank Grating is a one-piece construction product that allows easy field handling and cutting. The construction is formed and punched sheet metal or aluminum extrusion. The formed metal planks are available in galvanized, stainless, and plain steel and aluminum.

*Price and product availability subject to change without notice.  Call today for free quote 800-876-3736

Quantity discounts on used mezzanine flooring, 50-80% off the price of new.  For more information about used mezzanines and accessories please call us at 800-876-3736 or EmailAmerican Surplus will provide a quote on new equipment if used is unavailable. Nationwide shipping is available. 


Less expensive than conventional steel flooring, used mezzanine floors are durable and can be easily moved, modified, and dismantled.  Mezzanine flooring significantly improves storage opportunities in areas that come up short on space.

ASI has a variety of used mezzanine flooring in stock, including; resin decking, plywood decking, open plank decking, diamond plate, etc.


Used mezzanine flooring options are typically dependent on the type of application(s) i.e., racking, shelving, loaded pallets stacked on floor, loaded pallets moved into position using floor rails, process equipment such as tanks or compressors.  The following types of flooring are offered by ASI:(click here to view entire article)

Used plywood/particle board with corrugated style steel. Corrugated steel decking is tech screwed to the mezzanine structure followed by a covering of plywood or particle board tech screwed to the steel decking. This form of flooring produces a solid floor with good resistance to foot traffic and able to handle average wheel loads. The steel decking has a white underside that provides maximum light reflectance under the mezzanine. This combination is the most economical selection for general storage and office applications.

Some applications might require a smooth stain resistant, washable flooring. Resin coated flooring can be used for these applications.

Used bar grate flooring is a good choice for mezzanines not only because it provides solid flooring but because of its cost savings due to its openness that enables maximum circulation of air, heat, light, water, sound and being able to stay cleaner. With this type of flooring additional sprinklers often can be eliminated.

Some applications allow for the use of open steel decking in place of bar grate that is more economical but provides many bar grate features while other types of decking such as diamond plate provides a surface for forklift traffic and placement for heavier operational machinery.

These options are available to meet your needs. Call and speak with one of our mezzanine technicians who will address these options. Request a no charge CAD drawing to assist you in planning your acquisition. Call 800-876-3736 today.

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