Used Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal Carousel

Horizontal carousels are perfect if you are looking for a storage unit that will also help increase the efficiency of your material handling operation. Horizontal carousels are automated storage and retrieval systems that both reduce the number of aisles you need, and significantly reduce picking times. The used horizontal carousels at American Surplus Inc. consist of a series of bins or carriers that move in a looped horizontal track. At ASI we stock used horizontal carousels from White System, whose products are known for their solid steel construction and heavy-duty bins. Eliminate unproductive search and travel time and save space with used horizontal carousel.

Used White GP 74 and GP 78 Horizontal Carousel
Used White GP 74 and GP 78 Horizontal Carousel
  • Top Drive, Double Yoke
  • Fits 74 or 78 Bins
  • Up to 60 ft per minute
Used White Horizontal Carousel
Used White Horizontal Carousel
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Most Effective AS/RS system
  • Highly efficient

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About Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels are storage systems that are designed to radically increase the efficiency of your warehouse. They reduce labor costs while increasing operator efficiency and accuracy. Horizontal carousels consist of hanging bins that rotate around an oval-shaped horizontal rack.

With traditional storage racks, pickers spend an estimated 60% of their time walking from one location to the next. Horizontal carousels significantly reduce that wasted time by allowing for bulk picking. Warehouse carousels are operated by a control module, allowing the picker to rotate the carousel until the item they need is in front of them. As a result, they can pick every item they need off one carousel without ever moving.

In addition to saving you time, horizontal carousels will also save you space. Because the picker does not need to walk the length of the rack to retrieve products you do not need wide aisles between racks.

Buy used from ASI and you will save 40%-60% off retail. Plus, you will get our low price guarantee. Our used horizontal carousels were professionally dismantled, packaged, then shipped to ASI, where they were carefully stored inside our 530,000 SF facility, as pictured. Call (800)876-3736 today to speak with one our knowledgeable representatives who will provide you with more details about our selection of used horizontal carousels.

Used Horizontal Carousels Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are used horizontal carousels reliable?
A: Absolutely. Every used warehouse carousel we sell was professionally dismantled then inspected upon delivery to our facility. This ensures that your used horizontal carousel is like-new.

Q: Can American Surplus install my used horizontal carousel?
A: Yes we can. ASI offers professional installation nationwide so you do not have to risk doing it yourself.

Q: How do horizontal carousels help improve picking accuracy?
A: Horizontal carousel systems improve the accuracy of you picking operation in two ways. The system first points the picker in the direction of their next pick. It also utilizes barcode scans to double-check that the correct object is being picked.

Q: Can horizontal carousels be stacked on top of each other?
A: Yes. Horizontal carousels can be stacked on top of each other to further maximize the amount of usable storage space in your warehouse. In that situation, conveyors are used to move products from one level to another.