Used Solar Panel Conveyor

Used solar panel conveyor is designed to process and transport solar components through the process line using an automated conveyor system. As the glass panel is conveyed through each of the process steps, to the end of the line, the conveyors are transporting the glass panels which are interfacing with robots and other automated production equipment.

Used Solar Panel Conveyor
Used Solar Panel Conveyor
  • Transport glass panels
  • Handles 4' x 2' panels
  • 80/20 aluminum frame

Available Combo Deals

Numerous automated process devices are used to rotate, stop, buffer, and transfer the 4’ X 2’ panels. The above mechanisms are available for re-sale. Components for sale include: 80/20 aluminum framed wire guarding, single transports, dual direction w/air cylinder, die table, swing table, indexing turntable –dual direction, inspection tables, & many more. Call today to speak with a conveyor technician about the above solar panel conveyor in stock and ready for immediate sale.