Used Sortation Conveyor

Sortation conveyors are used for merging, identifying, and separating products in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. These sortation systems convey product along the belt, with quiet operation and accurate diverts. Individual belt take-ups create smooth operation and extend the life of the product. The continual contact between the belt and your product allows for accuracy and reliability.

Optimus Sorter
Optimus Sorter
  • Capable of sorting 4,675 trays/hour
  • 112 Destinations for the trays
  • Automatic & Manual Scanning
Used Ermanco Sortation Conveyor
Used Ermanco Sortation Conveyor
  • Left hand & Right hand In Stock
  • 25" wide
  • Ships Nationwide, CAD Layouts

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Conveyor sortation systems are ideal for sorting fragile products with varying weights and sizes. ASI carries used conveyor-sortation with a 30 day guarantee, and all systems are inspected and tested prior to shipment.

ASI stocks many types and manufacturers of conveyor sortation systems: Ermanco NBS, Bushman shoe sortation conveyor systems, Bushman slat sortation conveyor systems, Rapistan show sortation conveyor systems, Mathews kick wheel sortation conveyor systems and Automotion Belt sortation conveyor systems.

Conveyor sorters may also be referred to as: shoe sorter system, automated sortation conveyor, shoe conveyor, or narrow belt sorter.

Used sortation conveyor systems are available in many different types. Which is best for you depends on the size and weight of material being transported. Used sortation conveyor systems are used to identify, merge, and diverge products depending on their weight, shape, or size. They are typically used in settings with a high flow of product that needs to be sorted and transported to different destinations within the conveyor system. Types of sortation conveyor include the following:

Shoe sorter, which uses slates to push products into different lanes of the conveyor. The sliding shoes gently maneuver packages onto alternative lanes, or allow it to continue on the current conveyor. This is one of the fastest ways of sorting product, and shoe sorters typically use a photo eye sensor to interpret each package and direct it down the correct conveyor.

Pop up belt sortation uses spurs to pull heavy packages rapidly down the conveyor line. The spurs redirect the packaging to the desired conveyor path. The belt or chain used depends on the weight and material of the package. Heavier items would require a metal chain whereas lighter items would only require a rubber belt.

Pusher or diverter sortation conveyor can handle heavier loads and uses a pusher mechanism to redirect the package at a 90 degree angle onto another conveyor, chute, ball transfer table, or workstation. This style of sortation is slow in comparison because the pusher must return to its original position before diverting another package.

Pop-up roller sortation conveyor works by having a separate motor power the rollers that divert the product. These rollers raise up above the conveyor surface to lift and divert products to their desired location. The rollers also automatically lower when the product needs to continue on the same conveyor line.

Why buy a used sortation conveyor? The obvious answer is that a used conveyor will save you money, but you may be skeptical of quality. But if the conveyor system is used properly, you will have no need to replace major components. All used equipment from American Surplus is tested and inspected prior to shipment, and if any portion of the used sortation conveyor system is not working properly it is replaced. At ASI, we can back all of our conveyors with our 30 day ASI guarantee.