Used Power Conveyor Gate

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If a warehouse or material handling facility features any sort of conveyor system, then there are most likely hours of productivity wasted every year by employees maneuvering around conveyor lines to reach workspaces or picking stations. Power conveyor gates are ideal for receiving, processing, order fulfillment, staging, assembly and loading docks. Adding conveyor gates allows employees to efficiently move through solid conveyor lines without having to move through a system of conveyor lines. Power conveyor gates make a passageway for employees, lift trucks, and other equipment. These gates are perfect for facilities that do not allow space for something such as a conveyor walkover to avoid lines of conveyor. Power conveyor gates provide direct access through conveyor systems without the need for further equipment and are built right into your existing power conveyor system.

Used Power Conveyor Gate
Used Power Conveyor Gate
  • 12" - 60" Wide
  • 30" - 70" Long
  • 40-60% off retail prices

Available Combo Deals

Powered conveyor gates allow you to customize your current conveyor system to help increase productivity, efficiency, safety, and speed. Conveyor gates get rid of the requirement for walk-overs and duck-unders. Powered conveyor gates can cut down on worker fatigue as well as worker errors while items move down the conveyor system.

American Surplus Inc. has used powered gates in stock and for 40-60% less than the cost of buying new. Each of the three styles American surplus offers serves different and unique functions for various applications.

American Surplus has dozens of used conveyor gates in stock to fit any conveyor system. All used equipment is tested and inspected prior to shipment to ensure that only the highest quality used items are sent to our customers. Speak with a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used conveyor gates, as well as our full array of used conveyor accessories.