Used Truck Loaders

truck loader

Truck loaders, also known as telescopic belt conveyors, are ideal for creating a productive loading dock area. Truck conveyors make the process of loading and unloading materials in and out quicker, easier, and safer. Truck loader uses a boom that extends directly into the trailer, reducing the need for additional manual labor. By reducing manual handling you’ll be able to reduce the risk of injuries to employees in your facility. With an extendible conveyor you’ll be able to eliminate the time wasted on walking or forklifting packages and boxes from the traditional conveyor to the loading and unloading dock and vice versa. This type of efficiency and safety will ultimately lead to reduced expenses and a smaller amount of idle time.

ASI offers used truck loaders designed by Stewart-Glapat, which can be operated by one person. Minimize or eliminate the need for a forklift by customizing the conveyor to stand-alone, or integrate it with an existing conveyor or sortation system.

Used Maxx Route Loader
Used Maxx Route Loader
  • Improve Loading/Unloading
  • Cut Labor Expenses
  • Space Saving Design
Used Stewart Glapat Adjustoveyor Telescopic Conveyor
Used Stewart Glapat Adjustoveyor Telescopic Conveyor
  • 40% - 60% Off Retail
  • 21' Cantilever Extension
  • Telescopic Design
  • Improve Efficiency

Available Combo Deals

Truck loaders are used to load or unload trucks quickly and efficiently. This style of conveyor uses a boom which extends off the conveyor and can be directed to where you would like the product to be placed. Products move down the conveyor line and off the boom into their desired storage area. The speed and length of the conveyor can be adjusted, and the device can be operated by just one person.

This style of conveyor can convey a large variety of product, from small loose ends to large containers and odd shaped items like tires and bags. Truck loaders use a flat belt on top of a slider bed, so it is ideal for medium to lightweight loads, and some models can support heavier weight. Truck loaders are a considerable investment, but if used correctly will save hundreds of hours a year on manual labor costs and forklift costs. This unit will pay for itself in a busy warehouse, factory, or storage facility.

Why buy used truck loaders? This is a considerably large investment for a conveyor, with new units costing tens of thousands of dollars. Our used truck loaders are like new, have been tested, inspected, and cleaned, and are as much as 70% off the cost of buying new. They will save you time and money if used properly in the right warehouse setting, so call one of our sales team members to help you decide if this is the right investment to make. We will help you find the best conveyor system for your specific application, and we will even provide installation services.