New Warehouse Liquidation November 2016

Authored by Bill DiMaio III
November 4, 2016


Another Liquidation is underway with American Surplus. Located in New England, a liquor distribution center is growing so they needed to move to a larger facility, and American Surplus is here to help. This acquisition features three major products, pallet rack, conveyor, and mezzanines. In addition there are various miscellaneous products available as well. We have acquired floor scrubbers, case erectors, industrial fans, industrial hoppers, anti-fatigue mats, wire security cage, pallet scales, and more!

The Pallet Rack portion of this buy features a large stock of Interlake & Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Rack. The rack is in great condition, teardrop style, and came with Wire Decking. Some of the racking system even had wire cage back stops, a great safety feature in any warehouse.

This prevents pallets & materials from falling off the back side of the rack. A great insurance for your product & inventory, and even more importantly for any employees on the other side of the pallet rack. Another alternative to this safety feature would be pallet rack netting.

This liquidation also featured several other types of rack, including pallet flow rack, carton flow rack, and span track. These styles are great for inventory picking operations, coupled with conveyor systems.

The conveyor in this job was extensive, spanning across the entire building. The conveyor was incorporated into the pallet rack systems, utilized an incline to travel through the warehouse, traveled on, over & under mezzanines, and ended with a telescoping conveyor system at the end to load their inventory onto the trucks for shipping. With no time to spare, this conveyor system made the order processing very efficient.

The mezzanines held a lot of the conveyor system, and featured some inventory storage & packing operations underneath the system. Mezzanines are a great space enhancing product for your warehouse, no matter how or where you utilize them.

If you have any questions at all about this material or would like to make your warehouse more efficient, give our knowledgeable sales team a call today!