Gravity Skatewheel Curve Conveyor

Authored by Bill DiMaio III
May 20, 2015

Used skatewheel curves add versatility to straight conveyors with excellent package orientation because of the differential wheel action. Curves will convey Packages with a minimum amount of pitch based on weight and size.

Actual range of operational application will require testing pitch/weight combinations for size curve required with the system.

General Specifications:

Widths – 12″, 15″, 18″ and 24″ overall

Frame – 2 1/2″ deep x 1″ flange x 12 ga. either powder painted or aluminum channel

Couplings – hooks and bolts on both ends of curve

Curves – have 48″ outside radius on 12″, 15″, 18″, and 60″outside radius on 24″ width

Wheels – 1 15/16″ OD

Axial – 1/4″ Dia

Capacity – steel 10″ support centers 32 lbs per max distributed live load/ foot aluminum 10″ support centers 10 lbs per max distributed live load

Wheel capacity – steel 65 lbs, aluminum 45 lbs max load per wheel.
( Above specifications are specific to the manufacturer and should be confirmed )

Stationary floor support


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