Frequently Asked Questions


Is used equipment just someone else's headache?

 The used warehouse equipment you purchase from American Surplus's warehouse is acquired by professional buyers with decades of experience. American Surplus buys its material handling equipment from companies either consolidating locations or closing their doors. We do not acquire product by trade-ins. We only accept good quality resalable merchandise. American Surplus's reputation is second to none, with over 40,000 satisfied customers. It's these loyal customers that have made us the largest used material handling equipment dealer in the country.

Can I buy my rack from American Surplus and have it repainted?

 American Surplus will, for an additional fee, clean and paint your pallet rack. We are not an auto body shop but we can enhance the existing condition of the used pallet rack with electrostatic painting done at American Surplus . This same rack can be purchased at a considerable discount.

We are moving and want to buy new material handling equipment for our new warehouse. Will American Surplus buy our used equipment?

 Providing it is in good resalable condition? Yes! We can also provide you a great price on your new warehouse equipment needs. American Surplus can also handle the Installation, freight, and teardown of the old facility equipment and sweep the floor clean when we are done.

I heard that when buying used equipment the terms are COD or 50/50, Why?

 When we buy used material handling equipment from companies going out of business they never seem to want to give us terms. Common sense will tell you why. At American Surplus, if we gave you a 30-day payment term and paid COD for our purchases, our product cost would rise reducing our ability to sell at such low prices. Terms of 50/50 on the other hand only applies to conveyors or mezzanines where extra work is necessary to complete the project.