The Best choice is a Used Case Sealer

A used case sealer is an effective high volume method of applying sealing tape to a cardboard case. Operators, depending on the application, fold the bottom taps of case and while holding the case in position, adds the contents, folds the top flaps down and feeds the filled case into the sealer as shown in video.
The choice of used sealer is dependent on the type and sizes of your cases and the quantity of each. Case sealers are designed to provide maximum efficiency, but the tape sealer must match your case sizes and quantities.
If your case size only changes occasionally within the range of the sealer, an adjustable used case sealer can do the job efficiently. If the size varies significantly then the best unit to choose is a random unit that adjusts to the case size automatically.

material handing case sealer tape warehouse equipment
Our packaging technician will inspect the case sealer for worn or defective components as follows:

  • Upper belt, covers and drive belts
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Upper tapping head
  • Upper drive assembly release knob
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Electrical control box, circuit breaker, and contactor
  • Electrical on/off push buttons
  • Box centering guides
  • Box drive belts
  • Upper drive assembly raising switch
  • Including any other case style components

After checking all the major unit components, the sealer is connected and turned on. Our technicians listen for unusual sealer noises; checking that the drive belts are properly tracking and not worn or frayed. The metal framework is checked for major dents. All other components are checked for wear. The inspection is concluded by checking the tapping operation of several cases to an acceptable standard.

Our Sales’ technicians are ready to answer any questions. American Surplus Inc. has been successfully selling new and used case sealers for over 23 years and of course sealers are sold with a 30-day guarantee¬†and a Lowest Price certificate.