American Surplus Buys Used Equipment

Authored by Bill DiMaio III
November 23, 2015


With the ever changing world of material handling every once and a while it becomes necessary to sell off used equipment or maybe downsize your operation. This is where a company like American Surplus can come in handy. We are able to buy used equipment from anywhere in the country and ship it back to our location in East Providence, Rhode Island. We specialize in pallet racking, conveyor, shelving and mezzanines but we buy and sell almost everything you might find in a warehouse. We will assist with teardown, packaging, shipping, etc., anything you need help with from start to finish. There is no job that is too large for ASI.

Selling your used equipment to someone like American Surplus can make a lot of business sense. If you are downsizing or upgrading your equipment you will obviously need to dispose of what is already in your facility. There are a few options on how to do this. You could list it locally and hope another building nearby is looking for exactly what you are selling which is not likely. You could sell it to a scrap company but scrap prices have been falling and are at a record low so you most likely won’t recoup any costs. The final option is to sell it to someone like American Surplus. Since we buy and sell all types of equipment you don’t have to worry about someone needing exactly what you are selling because we are always looking for product. We will also give you a fair price for your material and you can use the money you get on the new equipment that you are looking to get.

Recently American Surplus acquired a large amount of pallet racking from a Home Depot distribution center located in Maryland. This liquidation included Selective Teardrop Pallet Racking as well as Teardrop Pushback Racking. To point back to the fact that no job is too large this location had almost 4,500 uprights and over 45,000 beams of Teardrop racking. This racking also included over 55,000 of pallet supports. The pushback racking was over 850 pallet positions with racking that went 5 levels high.

Another recent liquidation was located in southern Rhode Island. This location was a distribution center for Ocean State Job Lot. This facility has a mix of both structural Frazier racking as well as roll formed racking. This was a smaller job that included 300 uprights and a little over 2,000 beams. American Surplus was able to go in and dismantle all the racking in this warehouse in just under a week span. Included in this breakdown was also pallet supports and row spacers that go with the racking.

While these are just 2 examples of recent buys we have done here at American surplus we are always looking for any type of material handling equipment. If you go to our liquidation page you will see more examples of other types of buys we have done. So if you are looking to downsize or upgrade your warehouse and need to get rid of used equipment give Michael a call today to see what ASI can do for you.