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Used Mezzanine - Shelf Supported

CID: 503
  • High density storage shelving
  • Wide choice of shelving sizes
  • Add levels, save time and money

Used Shelf Supported Mezzanine for Sale

Used shelf supported mezzanines are an inexpensive way to increase shelving in areas that are short on space. Used shelf supported mezzanines can be built on top of current steel shelving.


This style of used mezzanine is designed to your storage needs, based on shelf sizes, types of shelving (open or closed), and number of bays. Additional bays, shelf bins, and draws can be easily added, and each shelf supported mezzanine can be designed to make shelving accessible from all sides.

Quantity Discounts Available on used shelf support mezzanines. Priced at 50-80% off the price of new. Call 800-876-3736 for a free quote on used shelf supported mezzanines.

Used Shaefer Mezzanine For Sale

Picture Description
  • Over (1,200) 20'' x 39'' shelves availab;e
  • Welded uprights require no assembly
  • 2'' shelf adjustment with no additional hardware
  • Bins available, not included


Used Shelf Supported Mezzanine Pricing as Low as $1995*

Est. Size Range Stairway Railing Decking Landing Shelving Package Est. Price
200 SF Optional Optional Checkmark Optional Checkmark $1995
250 - 275 SF Optional Optional Checkmark Optional Checkmark Please call


 *Pricing may vary due to quantity, condition, and capacity required. Quantity discounts available.



Common components for used mezzanines include:

Used Mezzanine - Shelf Supported click to enlarge
  • Used Mezzanine - Shelf Supported
  • Used Shelf Supported Mezzanine
  • Used Mezzanine - Shelf Supported
  • Used Mezzanine

Used shelf supported mezzanine systems  are an effective way to create extra storage area using boltless shelving components. The additional components that would be required includes decking, stairs, and railings for protection against falls. Multi-level storage systems like a used shelving supported mezzanine takes advantage of the height of your building, utilizing all of that extra space for additional inventory to be kept. (click here to view entire article)


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Used Shelf Supported Mezzanine Components


Used Mezzanine Drawing

Illustration identifies the structural components used to form a 12' x 20' used shelving supported mezzanine. The railing, flooring and stairway options are the same for most mezzanines provided by ASI. The flooring structure illustration shown is 24 bays of used steel shelving 18" x 36" in size. Rails and cross braces are added to support the wood and steel corrugated floor shown. Steel planking and metal grating are also available for flooring.
Used Mezzanine Support Rails










Frequently Asked Questions

Mezzanine Man


Q-How can I use a Shelf Mezzanine price guideline?

A-Our Used Mezzanine Price Guideline is a tool supplied by ASI that is posted to each of the different mezzanine design types allowing you to compare benefits, options and estimated prices.


Q-Why can’t mezzanine actual prices be listed instead of a price guideline?

A-In some cases used mezzanine components are not available at the time needed for your order. New components are then substituted to complete the order causing the cost of the shelving mezzanine to be slightly higher than projected.
In other cases, the price of steel is higher or lower when we purchase the used mezzanine resulting in varying prices impossible to accurately list on the website.


Q-How Can I be Assured I am Getting the Best Price?

A-Our “Lowest Price Certificate” can be issued with your mezzanine quote. This certificate guarantees that the price quoted is the lowest in the Industry. If you find a price lower for the equivalent used shelving mezzanine, we will match the lower quote.


Q-What is the lead time for Stocked Mezzanine?

A- Currently, the lead time is 7-10 days.


Q-How can ASI make these Price and Delivery Promises?

A-ASI has been buying and selling shelving mezzanines for 20 years. We are the best because our staff is trained to pick and package your mezzanine accurately and quickly. Our Mezzanine Department size is over 45,000sf and is fully equipped including storage of mezzanine inventory within the department for quick access.

















Our Shelving Mezzanine Department is Fully Equipped to Assist in Filling your Order to Meet your Exact Needs

Shelf Supported Mezzanine   Shelf Supported Mezzanine










The mezzanine department is staffed by fully trained and experienced technicians. The system or portions of it can be enclosed with wire caging for added security. Visit our facility or take a webcam tour to see the equipment and discuss the many used mezzanine options available with our production and sales’ staff.


Call and speak with one of our Mezzanine technicians to discuss these applications and featured used Mezzanine products.

                    Suggested Applications:


Used Mezzanine    Adding an in plant office under or over existing office or manufacturing equipment is an economical choice for unused space.  New or used in plant offices can be easily constructed to combine with your current operation to allow the addition of office(s) for many diverse uses. Adding a used mezzanine stairway alongside the new structure will provide easy access to your new office.  The added in plant office with windows on all sides can provide an in process observation vantage point and an office for manufacturing, meeting and planning type operations.
Used Mezzanine  

Used mezzanines can be constructed over an in process manufacturing operation to store tanks, cylinders, control panel.  Using the space above a current in process operation allows added production space and storage.  Adding a ships ladder will provide necessary access to the upper level.  If access is required for replenishment of liquids or materials a freight elevator can be included inside the used mezzanine perimeter or on the outside.  An incline conveyor can also be installed for substance replenishment.  Many options are available to extend the usefulness of the used mezzanine.


Used Mezzanine   Take advantage of free space above your current operation to add a used mezzanine with a tool crib or in process inventory storage for quick access for your operational needs.  Include a small mezzanine above your work cell for tooling, special applications, and components. 
Used Mezzanine   Two level mezzanines add considerable space to your current operation by expanding vertically instead of horizontally.  Expand your operations to increase your productivity with additional storage space by moving current storage units to second level and adding production equipment on lower level.  Stairways can be added inside the used mezzanine with a freight elevator and an incline conveyor servicing the upper level.
Used Mezzanine   Add used security cages either under or on top of a mezzanine to secure sensitive inventory.  Used security gates can be added to stairways leading to upper mezzanine areas.  Many options available.  



Used Freight Elevator
Freight Elevator

Used Chute Conveyor
Chute Conveyor 

Used Incline Conveyor
Incline Conveyor 

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