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Used Enclosed Shelving

CID: 1166
  • Ideal for storage of small parts & inventory 
  • Usually bolted side by side
  • Used enclosed shelving is easy to install

Used Enclosed Shelving for Sale

Used enclosed shelving is industrial steel shelving that is ideal for storage of small parts and inventory.  Used enclosed shelving uses steel panels to enclose the sides and back of the shelving.  This allows material to be securely stored within the shelf area.  Bays of shelving are often bolted side by side.  This utilizes one side panel for two bays of steel shelving.


ASI's used enclosed shelving is light weight and easy to install.  Optional features include doors to provide additional security, dividers, shelf boxes and label holders.


Quantity Discounts Available on used enclosed shelving. Priced at 50-80% off of the price of new shelving. Please call (800) 876-3736 for more information & a free quote on used enclosed shelving.

Used Enclosed Shelving for Sale. Pricing as Low as $72.75*

Depth Width Height Shelf Qty Used Price As Low As Additional Shelves
12" 36" 96" 5, 6 or 7 $72.75  $5.99 each
15" 36" 96" 5, 6 or 7  Please call Please call
18" 36" 96" 5, 6 or 7 Please call Please call
24" 36" 96" 5, 6 or 7 Please call Please call
30" 42" 96" 5, 6 or 7 Please call Please call

*Pricing may vary due to quantity, condition, and capacity required. Quantity discounts available.


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Used enclosed shelving is a style of steel industrial shelving that has side panels and back panels. This style typically uses nuts and bolts to assemble, and this allows for multiple rows to be secured together side by side. When multiple units are placed side by side, only one side panel is required between them. This greatly saves on material costs, because for every 2 rows that are side by side, you save one side panel. (click here to view entire article)


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Installation of Enclosed Shelving:


Used Steel Shelving Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for shelving installation advice? If you are considering shelving installation work, here are some important questions.


Is a subcontractor necessary for shelving installation work? 

What issues do I need to watch out for? 

How much will used shelving installation cost?

Professional advice and a quality checklist will help to ensure a successful used shelving installation.

What should I expect to pay for steel shelving installation?
Labor costs to install used shelving vary with the size of the project and the level of detail. For typical used shelving installation expect to pay between 20-25% of the material cost.


What are the advantages to hiring a professional to perform shelving installation work?
The appearance, performance and useful life of the shelving may be compromised by poor installation. Hire the shelving installer and consider one appropriate quality checks.


Steel Shelving Quality Checks and Important Details


Use appropriate items from the list below to communicate your expectations for level of detail and quality for steel shelving installation. Use the list to when having professionals bid for the work. Make sure that this information is included in any written contract or work orders. Before any shelving installation work begins, review the checklist with the steel shelving installer. Payments are typically due upon satisfactory completion of the job.


The warehouse shelving layout, location, style and appearance of all used shelving components to be used in shelving installation will be approved by owner, before any work begins.


A detailed used shelving layout, showing material placement, will be reviewed and approved before work begins.


Installed industrial shelving will be level to within an inch in any 2 foot direction. Reason – any poor flooring may require shims to be used at an additional cost.


The shelving will be solidly attached and not slide or move when used.


The steel shelving, while used, is in good functional condition.



Used Industrial Shelving Installation – Project Reminders


The following list summarizes work tasks commonly performed during shelving installation.


Complete written contract, quality checks, timing and payment terms, ensure that contract is signed before work begins.


Review and approve details layout plan that shows site location and placement of steel shelving before any work begins.


Make sure that delivery date, terms and damage provisions are included in the order.


Manage delivery of shelving. Thoroughly inspect all items for damage, make or authorize final payment as per contract agreement.


Store shelving in a secure, dry location that is fully protected from the elements prior to steel shelving installation.


Install warehouse shelving using shelf hardware provided by the ASI shelving installer.


Remove debris and product from area. Area must be clear & lighting and electricity available.


Inspect used shelving installation and verify that the requirements are completed correctly.


Submit final payment with steel shelving sign off sheet to the installer unless otherwise agreed.





Pictures of Used Enclosed Shelving

Used Enclosed Shelving Used Enclosed Shelving Used Enclosed Shelving Used Enclosed Shelving

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