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Used Conveyor Electrical Controls

CID: 1197
  • Emergency stop and start switches
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Help ensure safety and efficiency

Used Conveyor Electrical Controls

Electrical conveyor controls include a variety of products, including photo eye sensors, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, transformers, magnetic starters, programmable logic controllers, foot pedals, pull cord, barcode scanners, etc. These accessories help ensure the safety and efficiency of a conveyor system and the people operating it.


All used electrical conveyor controls are in stock and in good working condition.

Quantity Discounts Available. Call 800-876-3736 for additional information & a free quote on used conveyor electrical controls.

Used Conveyor Electrical Control Pricing as Low as $39

Picture Description New Price Used 
Used Conveyor Photo Eye Photo Eye Sensors monitor and shut down sections of conveyor when not in use. $327 $95
Used Conveyor Stop/Start Switch The Conveyor Start / Stop will allow you to start and stop a conveyor line to load and unload product.  $156 $75 
Used Conveyor Disconnect Switch After power failure, Conveyor Disconnect Switches provide for safe disconnection of the entire electrical equipment.  $183 $95 
Used Conveyor Pull Cord Emergency Stop The Cable Emergency Stop or Safety Pull Cord is a failsafe taut wire emergency pull cord safety stop switch for open conveyors.  $349 $249 
Used Conveyor Emergency Stop Button An Emergency Stop Button allows direct disconnect of conveyor circuit contacts in emergency situations. Easy to spot, access, and use. On/Off operation, push to lock, turn to reset.  $83  $39
Used Conveyor Limit Switch A Limit Switch is a kind of control switch used to protect over load. It will stop the flow of current if it exceeds rated value of the switch  $155 $75 
Used Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) A Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) replaces the need for relays and interlocks in controlling systems. This allows the use of inputs and outputs controlled with a program loaded from a laptop to adjust the operation of equipment.  $315 Call 
Used Conveyor Magnetic Starter Magnetic Starter is an electromagnetically operated switch that provides a safe method for starting an electric motor with a large load. Mag starters also provide under-voltage and overload protection and an automatic cutoff in the case of a power failure.  $322 $175 



Other used conveyor accessories include:

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  • Used Conveyor Electrical Controls
  • Used Conveyor Electrical Controls
  • Used Material Handling Controls
  • Used Electrical Controls for Conveyor


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