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Major Types of Conveyors

Used Conveyors
Roller conveyor is one of the most popular types of conveyors for moving product and miscellaneous cartons. Used conveyor types can be either power or gravity. The non-powered conveyors are referred to as gravity conveyors by sequentially inclining each section of roller conveyor. The powered roller conveyors are either belt or chain driven. The rollers are connected individually to a drive shaft. The roller conveyors are suited for accumulating loads, merging, and sorting. Because of the roller, materials being moved on these used conveyors must have a rigid riding surface.
Used Slider Bed Belt Conveyor:
The most popular of all powered conveyors is still the used slider bed belt conveyor. Unit is versatile and able to convey a wide range of products and cartons. Products with uneven or difficult surfaces for a used live roller conveyor or may be very small or vary in size can easily be transported by a slider bed conveyor belt system. Applications for the used slider bed belt conveyor would be packing, testing, visual inspections, sorting, or transporting to an assembly area.
Used Roller Bed Belt Conveyor:
Roller bed belt conveyor is typically used for transporting the heavier parts and cartons that don’t require higher horse power drives. The decreased belt to transport surface friction is much lower on used roller bed belt conveyors than the used slider bed belt conveyors. Applications are packing, testing, inspecting and transportation and assembly.
Used Inclined Belt Conveyor:
Inclined belt conveyors are used to move product up or down from floor to floor, floor to mezzanine area or up to overhead conveyor lines. A feeder is usually added to transfer product from a gravity line to the incline.
Used Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor:
Belt driven live roller conveyors are best suited for horizontal conveying of cartons where transfers, side loading, unloading or temporary accumulation is required. Conveyor may be used when conveying heavier product loads. A number of transfer devices may be mounted into belt driven live rollers for removal of product into an operator work area or onto another spur line.
Used Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyor
The line shaft driven live roller conveyor is used to convey, accumulate and transport relatively light products. Many sections and accessories may be coupled tone drive which reduces the overall number of drives required and eliminates many electrical controls.
Used Vertical Lift Conveyor
Carrier is used to raise or lower a load to different levels of a floor or used mezzanine. Different than a freight elevator because it is only certified to handle product or loads. Lift can be manually or automatically loaded and/or controlled. Can be connected to other horizontal used conveyors.
Used Sortation Conveyor
Sortation conveyors are used for merging, identifying, inducting, and separating products to be conveyed to specific locations with the following components:
Used Sortation Conveyor Diverter:
Stationary or movable arms that deflect, push, or pull a product to a desired location. Can be used with any type conveyor because they do not come in contact with used conveyor surface.  
Used Sortation Conveyor Pop-up Device:
System includes one or several rows of powered rollers, wheels, or chains that pop up above surface of conveyor to lift product and guide it off the used conveyor at an angle; wheels are lowered when products are not required to be diverted.
Used Sortation Conveyor Sliding Shoe Sorter
Device uses a series of diverter slats that slide across the horizontal surface to engage product and guide it off conveyor.
Used Chute Conveyor:
Chute conveyor is very inexpensive way to move product. It is often used in linking two types of powered conveyors. A used spiral chute can be used to move product from floor to floor however it is difficult to control the items being conveyed.
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